Love and Other Ladybugs

I think my readers know when I’m in love, I write. It’s either I write a poem or I just basically write. And now I’m here again and I think everyone knows…


Isn’t it too cheesy? Hahaha!

As I plan to write a poem, I guess he is much more than a poem. (But I know in the future, I’ll write a poem about him) hahaha!

  1. Making things right – Making things right is such a difficult task to do especially when both parties have undergone different situations in dealing with relationships. Ever since he started courting me, all he really wanted was to “make things right.” And with that he means: The traditional courtship where he goes to the house, tells his intentions to my family, etc. No other parties, no cheating, none whatsoever. Well, just to tell you, we’ve been in a very similar situation before with our past relationships and I think, that’s why he wanted to make things right is because he’s tired of how the world is fucked up with a generation of not falling in love. Another part of making things right is making God the center of our relationship. He always made me feel how thankful he is everyday to God for me, finally arriving in his life. I mean, may ganito pa palang lalake sa mundong ito? I can really say I am so lucky to have been blessed with this very awesome person.
  2. Action and words, words and actions – I was really sick of this phrase because no one has ever done this, like legit. With my previous relationship, everything was planned and only until planning. Breaking promises and fucking up plans? I was really too tired. With him, he made every plan push through. He didn’t want to disappoint, hurt or fail me with his plans. When he says something, he does it. And he never missed – he is still consistent, ever since June. And I think will still be.
  3. Everything about me – I think another essential factor in a relationship is acceptance. Loving the good and the bad. He accepted the fact that I already have kid. He accepted the fact that I’m so matampuhin – but it’s lessend already haha. He accepted the fact that I live 3 hours away from him (because he lives in Antipolo). He accepted everything about me and still loves me for it. And same for him. I accept everything that he is. One thing that I can say this is true because even if we talk about our past, it doesn’t change our feelings for one another. That’s how transparent we are.
  4. Everyone around me – This is very important. Readers know how much I love my friends and family, especially my extended family. His first priority was meeting my family and my extended family. Though he hasn’t met my extended family, it’s scheduled already🙂 he’s scheduled to meet my college barkada on the 21st. He has already met my officemates by the way, of course. He drops by the office whenever we have a date that day.🙂 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ for the effort of traveling for 3 hours!😀 and when I go to Antipolo, he makes me hatid pauwi also!!! Total of 6 hours!
  5. Quality time – He makes sure every minute spent with me is a natural high. We never spend the time fighting and arguing – and I really think this is a good start. Never had a big fight and never wish to have one. We spend all our time talking about anything. He even makes it a point he will call me and whenever I tell him I’ll be the one to call, he doesn’t want to unless necessary. He also wants to hear my voice the time he wakes up. Yeah, basically we can talk for hours about anything and I think that’s the type of person I want to be with for the rest of my life.🙂
  6. He never makes an excuse – He never did. He always makes a way. Nuff said.🙂
  7. God’s perfect timing – He came at the right time, I can really say. To share you a short story, I had a break up last June with a very toxic and unhealthy relationship. Ejay and I started talking during that time as friends, and that was the same time I told God in exact words: “Lord, pagod na pagod na ako. Ikaw na po bahala.” and then boom, it became Koko Krunch! Hahaha! I wasn’t really expecting things would work out between us, but it did. He was very consisted with the text and call and, not bad I gave it a shot. Never expected that this person I tried opening my ripped heart with is the person I’m going to marry in a few years time. And when he arrived, all of the aspects of my life were very stable. My family, work and friends – everything was working out or should I say, everything felt easy and happy.
  8. I am still myself, I actually became a better version of me – Quite connected in arriving at the right time. It was also the time I stopped my old habits with smoking and having fucked up relationships, and truth be told, I think he was my reward with the changes I wanted for myself. I go home early, I stopped smoking, I stopped dealing with negative people (or letting them in my life), and most importantly – I valued myself. I already realized my worth. And I think it’s true what they say, when you finally learn to love yourself first, the right person will be arriving and loving you more. Never ever forget to value yourself.
  9. An everyday sunshine – He makes me laugh. (I cannot have a relationship with a person who is always quiet and has a lot of baggage within him – I really cannot do this. Puro negativity, araw-araw sobrang struggle to deal with a very quiet personality – oo hugot to, nang mabasa niya. Hahaha!). One thing a guy does that really gets me is his wit. Ejay’s such a funny guy!!! He makes me laugh with everything and I think everything he does is soooo cute!!!!😀
  10. Future plans – Ever since he professed his love for me, he always wanted a future with me. Whenever I tell him to save his money for him and only him, he responds with, “Oo. Para sa akin naman itong ipon na ginagawa ko. Ipon para sa kasal natin and para sa atin nila Sandra. Dahil kayo ang kasiyahan at lakas ko.” He may not be the biological father and I never expect him to be responsible for my child but all he ever wanted is to be Alessandra’s father. He always tells me he may not be the biological father but he loves her like one. He wants to marry me asap because he can’t wait to have a family with me but of course, he wants to save first. How can you not say yes and marry this person?!?!?! Gaaah!❤

Bawing-bawi yung lahat ng sakit na naranasan ko in the past. I swear. Thank you Lord❤

I’m also happy that my exes are happy for me (or ex flings), they liked and put a heart on our status🙂🙂🙂 that’s what you call real people!😀

There are more reasons but I think, this sums it up🙂

So to those girls who have been waiting for the right one, you just really have to be patient. The journey I went through was not that easy. It took me 11 years (total of 5 relationships – good and bad, healthy and unhealthy). You really have to experience the difficult times for you to learn so that when you meet the right person, you’re all fixed🙂

My best advice is to pray for that person 🙂

Celebrating our first month! Congratulations to us! Nakaabot kami ng 1 month! Hahaha!

It’s true when they say:

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Last Weekend of September 2016

Wow, it just felt like a few minutes ago I was blogging about the last weekend of August 2016. Next time you’ll know it, it will be the last weekend of December!


I came into work at 3pm because I had mommy duties in the morning. Not only mommy duties but also, teacher duties. I volunteered and I really wanna participate since there are just few opportunities that you get to enjoy your child’s toddler days to read a book for their class. I read Fifty Shades hahaha “Quiet Please!” – the book is really mine. I got this when I was 5 years old. It’s a Baby Mickey Mouse book. The book says, “This book belongs to ______” with Angelica on it – Angelica written like a month old chicken. I was supposed to dress up with a Minnie Mouse headband but I couldn’t find it so I wore a Disneyland shirt with Mickey on it and brought Sandra’s Mickey Mouse stuffed toy.





Thanks to the whole school for giving this opportunity for us parents! Not only you can read a book, you can choose among showing a talent, giving them a tour of your house, and bringing a pet. If I showed a talent, I would be a stand-up comedian giving out green jokes so x on that. If I give them a tour of our house, they will be bored. And, if I bring a pet, I would’ve brought a shark.

Thanks to Teacher Irene for the photos!🙂

It was also Crazy Socks Day at work but I was not able to join the photo op since I arrived at 3PM. Just spot the photo ops taken by the South Sites:








So he went to our house, brought donuts (yaaay!) and got interrogated by my mom. But! My mom was so nice. She kept on telling him just to get and get rice hahaha! And she was joking in between. Sandra was really not going out of the room ’cause of course, she’s not familiar with his face… yet.


From Instagram Stories: @unjellanera



It was Marcus Liam’s Christening. Marcus is the son of my high school ka-barkada, Pat.🙂 the Christening was at St. Jerome in Alabang and reception was in Shakey’s Pilar.

Here’s a photo of her family❤


And then here are the crazy Ninong and Ninangs:





Mini Zobel Reunion! Zobel 08🙂



Then I just spent the rest of the Sunday watching HTGAWM, Narcos and Friends.

It keeps on getting better! Hope you had a fab weekend!❤

Skype Skonvos: Volume II


[5:20:17 PM] Anje: HAHAHAHAHA
[5:20:24 PM] Anje: may kwento ako
[5:20:26 PM] Anje: sabi ni *toot*
[5:20:41 PM] Cy: Anoooo????
[5:20:46 PM] Anje: “Hala nagkasipon ka na. Naulanan ka?”

sabi ko
[5:20:55 PM] Anje: “Oo nga eh. Naulanan ako pero di nadidiligan”
[5:20:56 PM] Anje: HAHAHAHAHAH
[5:21:03 PM] Cy: Ano sabiiiiiii
[5:21:05 PM] Anje: sabi nya, “Wala ka bang hardinero ngayon?”
[5:21:09 PM] Anje: sabi ko, “Wala eh.” hahahahaha
[5:21:26 PM] Nance: sinasakyan ka ni *toot*
[5:21:29 PM] Cy: [5:21 PM] Anje:

<<< sabi nya, “Wala ka bang hardinero ngayon?”
sabi ko, “Wala eh.” hahahahahaHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
[5:21:33 PM] Anje: sana literal
[5:21:33 PM] Nance: yung joke mo pala
[5:21:52 PM] Cy: Sabihin mo bes, hiring ka ng hardinero.
[5:21:57 PM] Gigi: HAHAHAH
[5:21:59 PM] Gigi: kahit part time
[5:22:26 PM] Gigi: part time lang kamo
[5:22:28 PM] Gigi: 4hrs 4 hrs
[5:22:30 PM] Anje: yan nanaman tayo sa part time. mahirap yan.
[5:22:33 PM] Anje: mah hart, mah soul hahaha
[5:22:48 PM] Gigi: pero feeling ko maanes yan
[5:22:50 PM] Gigi: hahahahahahahahahahaha
[5:22:53 PM] Cy: Maanes????
[5:22:54 PM] Gigi: willing mag hardinero
[5:22:55 PM] Cy: Malibog???
[5:25:03 PM] Anje: gusto ko yung maanes


[2:39:53 PM] Mike: Nanonood ka olympics? Nakakaiyak yung mga reaction ng mga nananalo. Gabi2 ako umiiyak ngayon.
[2:39:55 PM] Mike: Hahahaha
[2:40:11 PM] Mike: Nood ka olympics!
[2:40:44 PM] Mike: Laters
[2:40:59 PM] Anje: Okay lang at least alam mong pinaghirapan mong… antayin at ipunin hahahaha
[2:41:02 PM] Anje: Hindi ako naiiyak
[2:41:06 PM] Anje: Wala na akong time manuod ng Olympics beshie
[2:41:09 PM] Mike: Manhid
[2:41:15 PM] Mike: Pusonh bato
[2:41:25 PM] Mike: Ikaw na busy. Hahaha
[2:41:33 PM] Anje: Si Phelps lang pinanuod ko kasi siyempre swimming yun
[2:41:40 PM] Anje: Wala nga akong time haha
[2:42:50 PM] Mike: Tengene. 4 golds na siya so far. 22 total
[2:43:51 PM] Mike: Kumusta ang mga pokemon jan?
[2:44:07 PM] Mike: May mga namatay na ba?
[2:44:20 PM] Mike: Nasagasaan?
[2:44:28 PM] Mike: Naloko
[2:44:33 PM] Mike: Pinaiyak
[2:44:37 PM] Mike: Pinabayaan
[2:46:22 PM] Mike: Wala na akong signal
[2:46:24 PM] Mike: Waaaaah
[2:47:05 PM] Anje: Alam ko merong mga nadidisgrasya
[2:47:05 PM] Mike: Hayan meron ulit
[2:47:11 PM] Anje: Pero yung puke mismo kasi napasukan ng titi hahahaha
[2:47:18 PM] Anje: Naputukan
[2:47:20 PM] Anje: Nalooban
[2:47:21 PM] Anje: Nasarapan
[2:47:44 PM] Mike: Ganda na dito sa daan. Malapit na mamulaklak mga cotton plant
[2:47:52 PM] Mike: Sabi, cotton on.
[2:47:55 PM] Anje: Wow penge. Dami ko nang dumi sa tenga
[2:48:00 PM] Anje: Shala
[2:48:29 PM] Mike: Pano kaya kung nagtanim ako ng candy sa tabi ng cotton? Pag namunga, cotton candy?
[2:49:45 PM] Mike: Hechala
[2:50:03 PM] Anje: Alam mo ba na flower ang cotton?
[2:50:13 PM] Anje: Bulaklak. Cottonton
[2:50:30 PM] Mike: Nakalimutan ko isend picture ng gold sa bato pala.
[2:51:53 PM] Anje: Sayang, sanla ko sana picture

Usapang Politika

[10:00:46 AM] Anje: naaawa ako kay Bato, sobrang stressed na sya
[10:30:02 AM] Cy: Kaya nga be e. Naiimbey na ako kay De Lima.
[10:30:13 AM] Cy: Ayaw nalang magscandal. HAHAHAHAHAHA😀
[10:30:34 AM] Anje: Alam mo kung saan ako nalulungkot? Is pag ganito mga against Du30 tutok sila. Pero yung SAF 44 nganga, at iba pang cases like yung sa RCBC. hindi na nila binalikan.
[10:31:02 AM] Anje: sobrang blinded na ang mga tao sa mga Aquino. eh hawak nila media malamang, paano malalaman ang totoo? hahaha shet #maturity #politics
[10:32:14 AM] Cy: Totoo be. Andami nila masasabi. Saka be, may mga taong hanggang ngayon d makamove on sa pulitika.😦
[10:45:56 AM] Anje: sobra. naiirita na nga ako sa feed ko sa Facebook. daming mamaru
[10:45:58 AM] Anje: at alam mo ba
[10:46:03 AM] Anje: tama duda ko eh.
[10:46:07 AM] Anje: pinapatay nila si Robredo.
[10:46:16 AM] Cy: bakit be?
[10:46:20 AM] Cy: Sino nagpapatay?
[10:46:25 AM] Anje: malamang sila Noynoy
[10:46:30 AM] Cy: tangina.
[10:46:37 AM] Anje: kasi bago sya mamatay, ang dami nyang nalaman about sa drugs na ganyan na involved sila Mar
[10:46:48 AM] Anje: tapos kaya magtataka ka, bakit government ang pumunta sa opisina at kinuha mga papeles nya
[10:46:51 AM] Anje: dapat si Leni yun
[10:46:59 AM] Anje: and feeling ko alam ni Jessie ipapapatay na sya
[10:47:03 AM] Anje: hindi kasi sya nagkwekwento kay Leni
[10:47:20 AM] Anje: so dapat nung kausap ni Jessie si Leni sa phone, sinabi na ni Jessie bago pa bumagsak eroplano
[10:47:32 AM] Cy: so walang alam si Leni? Kasi be ang iba sinasabi si Leni dw mismo nagpapatay.
[10:47:52 AM] Anje: wala. puppet nanaman si Leni, parang si Cory. ginawa ni Conjuangco na puppet
[10:47:58 AM] Anje: si Cojuangco din nagpapatay kay Ninoy
[10:48:06 AM] Anje: ang daming hinarang ng media kaya lagi lumalabas kontrabida si Marcos
[10:48:23 AM] Anje: pero mas masahol pa ang mga Cojuangco at Aquino kaysa kayla Marcos
[10:49:28 AM] Anje: kasi kung di pinapatay ni Cojuangco si Ninoy, masisilip ni Ninoy mga kagaguhan ni Cojuangco. conglomerate humahawak sa Pilipinas at yung congolmerate ni Cojuangco humahawak sa media, economy lahat. pinapairal lang tayong iisang pamilya – not the government itself. dami kong binabasa for the past few days HAHAHAHAH
[11:16:15 AM] Cy: Hahaha. Magbabasa din akoo ng madami be.
[11:16:32 AM] Anje: ahahaha sorry dami kong na-type


[3:06:00 PM] Mike: Mayang gabi magstargazing nga ako
[3:06:47 PM] Anje: Huy grabe namang wish yan. Pakamatay bes?
[3:06:56 PM] Anje: Picturan mo tapos send mo sakin para may mapost ako sa Instagram
[3:07:01 PM] Anje: Kunwari maganda kalawakan dito
[3:07:10 PM] Mike: Isang IV lang
[3:07:14 PM] Mike: Katapat ng malaria
[3:07:28 PM] Mike: Nagtry nga ako kaso wala makita phone ko. Hahaha
[3:07:52 PM] Anje: Panget ng phone. Palitan na ng iPhone 9s

Mga Lalake Talaga

[11:42:07 AM] Anje: prends, 2 fallouts sa ***** as of this moment haha
[11:42:21 AM] Gigi: si christian?
[11:42:22 AM] Arjoy: wew haha
[11:42:28 AM] Gigi: tsaka allysa?
[11:42:29 AM] Arjoy: anyare sakanila po?
[11:42:32 AM] Anje: 2 fallouts na po sa Cricket
*Um**** – withdrawn app; did not say reason why – didn’t reply anymore
*M**** – UTI treatment
[11:42:41 AM] Gigi: HAHAHAHAHAHHA
[11:42:43 AM] Gigi: ay shet
[11:42:47 AM] Arjoy: may ilang oras pa tayo haha
[11:42:51 AM] Gigi: kala ko sa training
[11:42:53 AM] Anje: ahahaha parang mamamatay na tayo
[11:42:56 AM] Gigi: sige kaya natin yan
[11:43:02 AM] Arjoy: may pag asa pa, yung galing ayala haha
[11:45:38 AM] Anje: nagkaoffer na sa Alabang si U***** hahaha
[11:52:25 AM] Arjoy: ay ang sad, pinagpalit niya tayo
[11:52:48 AM] Anje: ganyan naman yang mga lalake


[4:55:09 PM] Anje: done na po FP
[4:55:31 PM] Anje: pati po VT
[4:55:45 PM] Anje: pati po si Brad Pitt at Angelina, tapos na
[4:56:36 PM] Cy: [4:55 PM] Anje:

<<< pati po si Brad Pitt at Angelina, tapos naTangina wala talagang forever😦
[4:56:52 PM] Anje: kaya tayo nalang Cy

De Lima, De Anim

[4:44:14 PM] Anje: taena may bayad na to ha. nakakapagod maglakad
[4:44:16 PM] Anje: jk hahaha
[4:45:40 PM] Bon: next time. bawi ako. hahaha.
[4:45:42 PM] Anje: ayan pasado na paps
[4:45:43 PM] Bon: salamat madam!
[4:45:50 PM] Anje: anong babawi ka? babayaran mo talaga ako?
[4:46:05 PM] Bon: bawi ako sa paglalakad pag may ipapasign off ka. hahahaha
[4:47:10 PM] Anje: lakarin mo mula Alpha to Sucat nang makabawi ka
[4:51:22 PM] Bon: medyo malayo, je. lakarin ko nalang buong Alpha, pweds. hahaha
[4:52:57 PM] Anje: mukha lang malayo dahil traffic everyday. pero subukan mong lakarin, parang maduming pagkain – wala pang 5 minutes
[4:56:24 PM] Bon: sige medyo kumbinsido nako. lalakarin ko 5 minutes lang naman pala
[4:57:58 PM] Anje: tapos may bitbit kang cardboard, “De Lima, Resign”
[4:58:26 PM] Bon: “De Lima, Resign. Hijo de puta”. ganun
[4:58:32 PM] Anje: Or…
[4:59:12 PM] Anje: I think mas maganda, “De Lima, Resign. Hijo de puta”
[4:59:35 PM] Bon: pareho tayo ng naisip. tanginang de lima. hahaha
[4:59:59 PM] Anje: ay pareho ba? akala ko comma lang difference?
[5:01:04 PM] Anje: diba monk si De Lima?

[9/21/2016 5:01:40 PM] Bon: pareho, mehn.
[9/21/2016 5:01:47 PM] Bon: diba monk si De Lima?ha?
[9/21/2016 5:02:25 PM] Anje: diba siya to?
[9/21/2016 5:11:33 PM] Bon: onga no si de lima nga yan. monghe na pala e
[9/21/2016 5:11:48 PM] Anje: so wag natin siya i-judge, mabait syang tao.
[9/21/2016 5:12:36 PM] Bon: purified pala ang puso ni de lima. stop judging na mehn
[9/21/2016 5:12:46 PM] Anje: mahilig sya uminom ng water?
[9/21/2016 5:17:54 PM] Bon: oo kaya malinis ang kalooban ng mongheng na yun.
[9/21/2016 5:19:08 PM] Anje: pero yung kalabasan niya, hindi ko natiis sa scandal. hahahah


[9/20/2016 7:24:57 PM] Anje: I mean mag check in ako para lang makatulog hahahaha
[9/20/2016 7:25:05 PM] Anje: Makabawi man lang talaga hahaha
[9/20/2016 7:25:17 PM] Anje: Syempre ayoko. Symepre gusto ko asawa ko katabi ko matulog hahahaha
[9/20/2016 7:26:00 PM] Mike: Chill. Dadating din jan. Wala pa ngang boyfriend asawa agad? Hahaha
[9/20/2016 7:26:15 PM] Mike: Dis weekend na ang meet the fam di ba?
[9/20/2016 7:29:34 PM] Anje: Hahaha hayok ba? Di naman masyado
[9/20/2016 7:29:41 PM] Anje: Yep, sa weekend. Please pray for me hahha
[9/20/2016 7:29:58 PM] Mike: So ano handa? Kaw magluto!
[9/20/2016 7:30:13 PM] Anje: OMG BIBILI KA NA NG IPHONE 7????
[9/20/2016 7:30:26 PM] Anje: Hmmmm giniling na pekpek? HAHAHHAHA
[9/20/2016 7:30:46 PM] Mike: Ah. Pekpek. Buffalo pekpek ganyan?
[9/20/2016 7:30:52 PM] Mike: Chicken wings. Hahaha
[9/20/2016 7:30:58 PM] Mike: Pekpek.
[9/20/2016 7:30:59 PM] Mike: Haha
[9/20/2016 7:32:44 PM] Anje: HAHAHAHAHAHA


[5:13:13 PM] Janice: can you send me a test message here. yung sounds kase ayaw mag work
[5:13:31 PM] Anje: hi
[5:13:32 PM] Anje: hi
[5:13:33 PM] Anje: test message
[5:13:46 PM] Janice: bakit ganon ayaw mag sound grrrr
[5:14:58 PM] Anje: you make the sounds nalang daw


[3:26:52 PM] Bon: Minsan lang naman kaya hayaan mo nako. hahaha!
[3:27:16 PM] Bon: hijo de putang mga teletubbies. hahaha!
[3:27:22 PM] Bon: waaaait napanuod mo na Breaking Bad?
[3:27:37 PM] Anje: nanuod ako before
[3:27:40 PM] Anje: then I stopped sa Season 1 hahahaha
[3:27:49 PM] Anje: maganda sya though…
[3:27:51 PM] Bon: anyare? tuloy mo
[3:27:57 PM] Bon: though?
[3:28:05 PM] Anje: though a deer, a femal deer
[3:28:07 PM] Bon: yan ba yung sa tinapay?
[3:28:14 PM] Bon: bread though?
[3:28:23 PM] Anje: nope, turtle sya
[3:28:26 PM] Anje: doughnatello
[3:28:36 PM] Anje: doungatellotubby!
[3:28:42 PM] Anje: turtle na chubby!
[3:28:48 PM] Bon: diba yan yung explorer? si though-ra?
[3:28:53 PM] Bon: sobra! hahaha
[3:29:18 PM] Anje: doughn’t me!


[3:48:41 PM] Gigi: abergas for reqs🙂
[3:48:48 PM] Anje: Gas Abergas
[3:48:51 PM] Anje: Kamag-anak nya?
[3:49:11 PM] Gigi: Hahahahahahahhaha taga soco ituuu
[3:49:51 PM] Cy: Hahahaha 😄
[3:50:10 PM] Anje: sarap ah, unli food, unli wifi pa!
[3:50:15 PM] Anje: unlibog mo!
[3:50:57 PM] Cy: Hahahahhahahaha. Sarap dto bes.nakakrelax. hahahaha.
[3:52:47 PM] Anje: Sana ma-assign ako dyan next week hahaha

Joke Showdown Ulit

[10:06:48 AM] Anje: Brb nasa school ako ni Sandra haha
[10:07:08 AM] Anje: Good at safe ka. Hehe
[10:10:00 AM] Anje: Bakit isang malaking red flag? Hahaha
[10:10:45 AM] Anje: Hahahahaha sayang!!! Lahat nalang ng delicacies ha hahaha
[12:20:53 PM] Mike: More likely na target ng masasamang loob. Bahaha
[12:21:01 PM] Mike: Card day na naman ba?
[12:21:18 PM] Mike: Buti na lang talaga nahanap ko korean.
[12:21:38 PM] Mike: Gusto ko ulit today kaso di ko na maalala kung saan banda.
[12:21:41 PM] Mike: Hahaha
[12:21:55 PM] Mike: Goomorning!
[2:03:37 PM] Anje: Nope. Nagbasa ako ng book. Fifty Shades
[2:03:46 PM] Anje: Masarap naman kinain mo? Sulit naman ang pagod sa byahe? Hahahaha
[2:04:00 PM] Mike: Seryoso yun?
[2:04:19 PM] Mike: Sarap ng bibimbap. As in. Compared sa nakainan ko sa food court sa sm. Haha
[2:14:24 PM] Mike: Ngayon lang pala ako nakaupdate ng IG. Magig storiea na din ako. Hahaha
[3:32:11 PM] Anje: Seryoso yun?Oo nga.
[3:32:25 PM] Anje: Hahaha check mo certificate ko kanina from Sandra’s school
[3:32:29 PM] Anje: Ayos diba hahahah
[3:44:24 PM] Anje: Jk. Mickey Mouse binasa ko
[3:44:37 PM] Anje: Nagdala ako ng Mickey Mouse stuffed toy and stuffed turkey, lels tapos naka Mickey Mouse akong tshirt
[3:44:46 PM] Anje: dapat nga naka headband akong Minnie Mouse kaya lang di ko nakita
[3:44:55 PM] Anje: so nagdala nalang ako ng totoong daga, kaya lang patay na. galing sa kusina
[3:45:16 PM] Mike: Dugyot! Hahahha
[3:45:27 PM] Mike: Shala ng skul. May ganyang ganap. Hahaha

Anong Personality Daw?

[9/22/2016 12:58:32 PM] Gigi: sige po ms joan, pakainin ko muna to ng donut.😀
[9/22/2016 1:00:31 PM] Lyra: bat kami walang donut?😦
[9/22/2016 1:01:15 PM] Cy: Tira pa to nung Lunes Lyra, may amag na
[9/22/2016 1:01:21 PM] Cy: Joke lang😀
[9/22/2016 1:02:05 PM] Lyra: grabe siya . samin di napunta ung krispy kreme😀
[9/22/2016 1:02:35 PM] Cy: Hala napunta san?
[9/22/2016 1:02:57 PM] Gigi: dapat fnriend friend mo kasi si izza hahahahahaha
[9/22/2016 1:03:03 PM] Lyra: nagpunta😀
[9/22/2016 1:03:13 PM] Lyra: yoko nga . HAHAHAHAHAHA
[9/22/2016 1:03:32 PM] Cy: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA😀 Samin kasi may fumriend kay Daniel Miaga e. Kaya iniwan samin yung Donut
[9/22/2016 1:03:58 PM] Cy: Kilalang kilala mo kung sino. HAHHAHAHAHAHA
[9/22/2016 1:04:11 PM] Lyra: ohh . i see. hahaha. extrovert yang recruiter niyo na yan😀
[9/22/2016 1:10:06 PM] Anje: Extrovert or pervert?
[9/22/2016 1:10:13 PM] Louise: Hahahaha
[9/22/2016 1:10:29 PM] Cy: [Thursday, September 22, 2016 1:10 PM] Anje:

<<< pervert?Mas eto ata e. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA
[9/22/2016 1:11:34 PM] Gigi: Hahahahahahahahahah grabe
[9/22/2016 1:33:55 PM] Lyra: pervert😀
[9/22/2016 1:35:01 PM] Gigi: lolz


[9/21/2016 3:59:59 PM] Anje: bubba baka sa December magpa-braces ako hahahaha kung maka ipon
[9/21/2016 4:00:05 PM] Anje: busog na busog na ako bubba :*
[9/21/2016 4:01:10 PM] Bubba: Ay okay bubba pero dinner diyan na kumain ah 😊. Bubba makakaipon ka niyan 😊.
[9/21/2016 4:01:27 PM] Anje: Bubba baka mag honda ako today eh. Baka sa bahay na ako kumain hehe
[9/21/2016 4:02:00 PM] Bubba: Kapag nagpabrace ka bubba bawal kumain nung matitigas like nuts ganon.
[9/21/2016 4:02:17 PM] Bubba: Gamit mo yung sasakyan bubba?.
[9/21/2016 4:02:36 PM] Anje: di ako pwede kumain ng nuts😦 hahahahahahahha green inside joke. di mo kailangan i-gets bubba, okay lang😀
[9/21/2016 4:02:50 PM] Anje: Hindi bubba, honda = on da = on the dot. Saktong 7pm ako aalis hahaha
[9/21/2016 4:02:52 PM] Anje: cute mooooo :*


Dates, Waits and Weights


Finally, a date with my favorite person. And finally, sharing it to the public (well just a bit).


Wait, kailangan may mukha din niya. Hahaha!





I really felt bad for him. He left his house at around 3pm and then arrived here around 7:30 PM😦 traffic is really fucking up our lives guys.

Had dinner at Bastille Bistro (just right below my office). We ordered lasagna and salad I really wanted a salad because I’ve been eating meat and seafood for the past months. BUT I REALLY WANTED SHRIMP QUESADILLA BUT… BUT… He ordered lasagna (but it was good for two) so… Good for me!🙂 I also ordered my favorite oreo milkshake. What could be better than a Friday with two of my favorite things?🙂



It was lecture day! And grub day! And family day with my extended family. Here are my Instagram stories (I use this but I don’t like to download Snapchat hahaha). I think using Instagram stories has a wide audience. Do you Insta story? Haha! It’s so cute for me🙂

The first video is how my every Saturday night looks like, and with my bestfriend Angel, in the last part – we were so hungry😦 we let the older people get some food first. Haha!

The second video is me and Ice eating a chocolate ewww cupcake. It was yummy, kinda.



A date with my ultimate love, Alessandra. It was derma day my god finally after how many kazillion years, I finally had my face cleaned! No photos of my face. Just my baby🙂


It was Grandparent’s Day last week so they made a card in school.



So I sent the photos to my dad via Viber. And of course, my mom kept the other.

I miss having a lolo and lola. I don’t have anymore, both sides😦 Iba talaga pagmamahal ng mga lolo and lola. Reminds me of the Jollibee clip I watched. It really made me cry.

Share ko lang kaligayahan ko, ganern. Hahaha!❤

Punjdates: Volume II


Train to Busan

“Putang ina!” as everyone shouted in the cinema. Everyone was in unison. Ang lutong ng mga mura namin, seryoso.

Image result for train to busan

I stopped watching Walking Dead during Season 3 because I felt it was getting too warmed-over for me. Vampire and zombie movies are too dull for me lately because I think it has become a habit just because everything started with Walking Dead and Twilight and then suddenly movies and series like that came to suck our television in that’s why I didn’t really care but reading the reviews and reading people’s statuses and tweets, it made me watch it.

It’s been a long time that I have watched a movie this satisfying. I paid P250 for it didn’t watch it in Director’s Club though tipid mode but it was really worth it. I was really astonished with every human and zombie character’s acting. I was very amazed with the scenes since it really slayed my mindfucked-twisted-I want a fucking thrill type of movie which is what I really look for in movies. The cinematography, drama and story – everything! I didn’t even buy popcorn because I really wanted to concentrate.

It will scare you. It will make you cry. It will make you laugh.

I give this movie 9 out of 10 zombie attacks.

TV Series

Aside from getting all excited for September 22 for the premiere of the third season of HTGAWM, I filled my appetite with Season 2 of Narcos last Friday. Again, Tito Pablo never fails. Funny also during the weekend, the Netflix PH page in Facebook really got me laughing. Visit it and read the comments! People are so funny! Click here

I also tried watching The Night Of but I just finished half of S1E01. This is an HBO series so expect it to be goooooood.

Here’s the trailer:

I’ll try to finish it during the weekend.


I’m LSS with this song:

I’m only human can’t you see
I made, I made a mistake
Please just look me in my face
Tell me everything’s okay
Cause I got it (ooh)
He’ll never be like you

Hearing it at first, I thought it was FKA Twigs (you also gotta check out her songs, they’re amazing!) but it’s Kai. Haha! This is the first song I’ve heard of Kai. I hope you get LSS too especially with the ‘I made, I made a mistake’ part🙂 hahaha!

Bad Piggy Turned Baboy Weekend

I don’t know what I did but I think my mom rewarded me for being too honest with her for the past few days. Yes, I have really been honest – where I go, who I’m with, who I’m talking to, etc. It’s kinda weird but well, changing for the better isn’t really that bad but why only now Anje. I think I was really stung with what my Ninong lectured months ago about consistency.

“If you want to stop complaining about the difficulties in your life that has been a routine already and you think it’s up to no good, try changing your ways and the result will be different.” – AVV0713

It made me realize, that if I want to stop complaining with my heavy breathing, coughing and sniffing (due to colds), I should stop smoking – that’s when I stopped smoking. It also made me realize, that if I want to stop having fucked up relationships with men who don’t value my worth, I should start guarding my heart and start showing men my worth well not only men, but to whoever in general – which is what I’m currently doing and hmm well, I guess I’m getting an exceptional feedback.

So anyway, as a reward (I think, let’s not assume here we really cannot predict what goes through our moms’ braincells), she cooked kare-kare and shrimp for me! My favorite!!! I was really actually waiting for liempo too but none. Then in the afternoon, she bought me pizza. Like what the fuck? It’s either I did something wrong or I did something good, whatever. I just ate them. But thank you mudra!🙂


Her second field trip was last Friday at the Manila Ocean Park (it was both our first time there). Here’s a video:

It can only be viewed via desktop/laptop and not through your phone huhuhu I don’t know why😦

I really don’t have good editing skills. I do videos for her reference so that when she grows up, she’ll enjoy watching her childhood and also for my reference because I really think I will have the illness of amnesia.😦

Nah, I just really like editing videos and putting background music because I love watching and listening to music and it’s also my frustration. Hahaha!

The video has been added to the Video section in my blog (upper right, Alessandra link).

Hope you enjoy!🙂

Photos from Google

Last Weekend of August 2016

It was a long ass but fun weekend. More of, likewise for you.


I was on leave this day because it was Alessandra’s Report Card Distribution. I kept on asking myself what do these teachers put in a toddler’s report card? A smiley or a sad face? A painting of their favorite artwork? Manners and right conduct? And I was surprised aside that me and my mom were the first ‘parents’ to get the card, as Teacher Sab handed me a checklist with a check, hyphen and a written ‘N.O.” *insert Meghan Trainor’s No*

There were even check marks and N.Os in her card. As Teacher Sab described her, “Ms. Llanera, I’m really confident that she can do anything but she’s just very shy.” I agree. It’s her first quarter and her first time being exposed to such environment but I swear when she’s at home, she’s like a star of an Eastwood film. Then, she gave us her artworks I also surveyed the room to check her wall artworks.


During the afternoon, I met up with Migz and Aaron (Tere was supposed to join us but she was caught up by the traffic, she was still in Coastal by 8:30 PM but she left her office at 5:30PM. Kaloka!!!)

So I was waiting for Aaron in Starbucks. While waiting, I was also waiting for Migz. He left his house in Makati at 3PM then took the Ayala shuttle to BF – arrived at 8PM! What a motherfucking traffic!! Anyway, it was so funny because since Aaron and I got stuck dealing with each other’s shit, we talked about anything we could especially the lights and the posts HAHAHA

We ate at Charbcharb so just please visit their Instagram [CLICK HERE] Gourmet/Charbroiled has been in BF for years and it’s the go-to place of every BF person who had their childhood and adult years – I would really recommend this to you. You will never regret any food you order (even dessert!) because every friggin oil, juice, cheese and beef is scrumptious!!!🙂

So we ended up ordering coffee again in Starbucks and then we hung out at my place. We had no lights in our living and dining area (I’m really not good in being hospitable – I didn’t even offer them water – which my mom kept on laughing. They just bonded with Sandra – lights off).


I was at work. There were only 2 applicants that’s why I left the office early. Upon arriving at home, I just bonded with Sandra. I spent the rest of my night watching Friends because I really missed watching it. Of course, I started from Season 1 this is what you get when you have to wait for Narcos and HTGAWM. My favorite line (and of course funny line) from Ross:

Image result for friends season 1 ross get you into bed meme

Evening came and we (with my mom, sister and Sandra) went to our extended family, just a few minutes away from our house. I ate a lot of oily palabok it was my first time eating a very very oily palabok but it’s okay, whatever I eat as long as I’m with my extended family.


Typical day. Did the laundry first thing in the morning and told my mom oh my god finally that I have suitor huhuhu. She took it calmly but… This is how the conversation went and I WAS EXPECTING THIS (bwahaha):

“Saan mo nakilala?”

“Alam ba niyang may anak ka?”

“Saan nag-aaral at ano natapos?”

“Boyfriend boyfriend lang ha. Wag mo susuko agad.”

“Kain kain lang sa labas, wag muna kayo manuod ng sine.”

As she said on the last few seconds of our conversation:

“Huwag ka kaya muna mag-entertain? After 4 years na para 30 ka na.”

Isa lang sinagot ko sa lahat:


“Ma, kaya nga po nanliligaw eh. Tska sabi niya po, pagpunta niya dito sa bahay sasabihin niya lahat.”

It took me, I guess… Thirty minutes? Before I had the courage to tell her I have a suitor. It was so hard. It’s like telling her I failed my thesis defense or I have to take another semester or I’m pregnant (again) or I was terminated in my job.

Basically, I feel like I’m a teenager again *insert a lot of straight faces*

And I guess she was okay with it because it’s the first time in 3 years that I have a LEGIT suitor. Someone who has balls, finally.

Image result for suitor meme

And let’s end this topic.


A Monday Holiday even during holidays we really have work but I took a leave to celebrate my brother’s birthday, well it was also my boss’ birthday and National Heroes Day and to celebrate Aaron’s surprise birthday! (not italicized because it was the only celebration I have photos) It was all Inna’s idea (his girlfriend) and she planned this for a month. It was really successful.

I left the house very early because who wouldn’t anticipate the traffic we’re having here in the Metro and I had to dress Sandra up – get her things ready the party starts at 6:30 PM but I arrived around 5PM. Good thing, Inna and Tere was there already. They were fixing the “loot cookie bags – thanks for coming” kinda thing. Then the rest of the TAMS (Aaron’s high school barkada) arrived. There was an ongoing party so we just waited for them to get the hell out we were really pressuring them because they had their last call and we still have to set the venue up.

Here’s a video of Aaron’s surprise: (IT WAS VERY FUNNY! He really had no idea! Good job Inna! Also thank you to Tita and Tito for hosting!! :D)


Let’s start with the birthday boy… He wasn’t really crying here. He is really always sweaty. Hahaha!


The message corner created and designed by Inna:


The gift corner:


The cookie corner:



Here is his biggie family (hehehe):


With TAMS (high school friends)



With other high school friends which I don’t know the name of their group is


And of course, his lovely college friends:


And the time we just took photos over and over and over again:


David’s so big already!!!😦
14192792_10154290989735708_6048542544575185459_n (1)
With the South Titas
With Tita Maes Runner




Hindi ko alam kung ano nangyayari dito basta alam ko si Aaron ay nasa likod ng birdie niya, este ni birdie


Dedication keme for the Message Board (ANYARE sa fez ko mga bes)

That’s it! Hope you had an amusing weekend!🙂

Luzon Recruitment Teambuilding 2016

Yes, Luzon. Masyado na kaming madami if isama pa ang Visayas and Mindanao. Or ang 52 states ng US. Hindi kami magkakasya sa hotel.

Our venue was in Emiramona Hotel in Tagaytay, and kay sarap umuulan pa ng malakas so saktong-sakto kaming magkasakit and all.

Stopped over at Mcdo Petron to eat breakfast and I was so giddy because it was a free breakfast! Ready na ready ko nang ilabas wallet ko but buti nalang sinabi ni Ms. Pretz na free ang aming breakfast. Yay! Iba ang saya ko talaga kapag Mcdo. Ayoko kasi talaga ng Jollibee and iba ang addiction ko sa hashbrown and sausage Mcmuffin Hahaha! Actually, may dala akong camera para gagawa ako ng video pero hindi ko siya nagamit. Sayang. Hahaha

Ms. Joan, Rae, Arjoy, Nance, Ms. Pretz, Sir Kim, MC, Ms. Inna, Shie, Cy, Gigi, Anje, Lyra and Jas


We arrived at Emiramona around 12? Hahaha! I don’t remember. There’s an indoor pool and a function hall buti nalang covered lahat so magagawa namin ang activities even if it’s raining. I like our first activity, LUNCH. Haha then we headed to our rooms and started taking pictures and indulging our excitements sleeping because the rooms are really cozy fozy buzzy! We had a tv, coffee, closet, etc. But the cable wasn’t working.





Parang wala akong suot na shorts



Medyo marami kaming pictures so brace yourselves.

Next activity was the getting-to-know. Since kaming mga Luzon sites were really not formally introduced to each other kilala lang namin ang isa’t isa because of emails, they made an activity wherein you have to arrange yourselves into specific categories and infair, halo-halo talaga kami. Hahaha it was a bit fun pero bitin kasi yun lang naging activity plus yung pagsway sa eggplant para tamain ang eggs. Hahaha! After, a few minutes break tapos mga kanya-kanyang presentation na per site. And then may mga awarding ganyan. Nagulat ako tinawag ako for the Most Valuable Recruiter for Sucat. Yay, thanks mentors!❤ (may Sodexo GC pa nyahaha)



Siyempre, hindi kami nanalo. Kami pa last na nag-perform so mas nakakahiya. Pero ang galing ng Fairview. ACTUALLY URAT AKO KASI YUN YUNG IDEA NA SINUGGEST KO TAPOS SABI WAG DAW WORK-RELATED. Hugot scenes via recruitment process, parang yung sa Banana Split.


Nagkalat lang kasi kami. Nag-practice pa kami minutes before tapos, ayun. Anyway, after the bitin program kumain nalang kami – tapos picture taking…

Ang babata ng mga boss namin noh? Haha wala atang sobrang matanda sa amin (Site Heads lower right)





Alphaland & MOA❤
My Sucat lovies🙂
Sucat, Alpha and MOA❤


Tapos nag-inom nung gabi. Nakakaloka yung Never Have I Ever namin. Hahaha. Well, what happens in room 301, stays in room 301😉 Maraming basag, mostly mga Alpha team basag. Hahaha! Marami din kaming nalaman sa isa’t isa and may mga kinilig *ehem* HAHAHAHA tapos meron akong sinabi sa Never Have I Ever…. NA AKO LANG UMINOM. Putangina talaga. Hahaha akala ko may iba rin na iinom. Nagulat silang lahat. SECRET😉



Ubos pala dalawang bote ng empe tska ewan ko ilang bote ng Red Horse haha

Nakakatawa itong part na ‘to. Inaantay kong ubusin namin ni Bon yung Red Horse kaya lang sa sobrang wasted na nga ng Alpha, hindi na nila ako binalikan. Hahaha so nagaantay ako sa stairs parang tanga with Gigi and Arjoy. And then bumalik na kami sa rooms namin.

Habang kausap ko si Ejay sa phone, nakakaidlip na pala ako. Take note nasa labas ako ng room nito. Hahaha! Nakakatawa! Buti hello siya ng hello, kung hindi, hindi ako magigising. :))

Wala lang. Na-share ko lang weekend ko. Mga 12nn ng Sunday na rin ako nakauwi. Lakas ng ulan. Hahaha.


Samsong and Debanda: LANY

LANY stands for Los Angeles New York, places I have never been to. I have never even ridden an airplane. It’s pronounced as ‘Lay-Nee’.

I discovered them through my music master friend, Migz. Hahaha!

If you’re desperately looking for a dream/electro/indie pop, here’s the appropriate band for that hunger. Made up of three ‘quite’ hot members namely Paul Jason Klein, Jake Goss and Les Priest.

They were discovered as solo artists then they continued playing in music festivals based from my research hahaha.

I like how their songs were arranged because aside from feeling nippy all throughout while listening, and for me it’s not baby making music I think it’s more of falling in love with the idea of love making. Hahaha hope you got my point. Also, it’s like a mix of 80s and 90s love tunes🙂

Not only you can consider their arrangements a little mushy but it’s not always about love. They sing about friendship, travel and heartache but you would really not feel the heartache. Hahaha!

So anyway, here are the videos, lyric videos and favorite lines are provided for each video below.

My top song:

Ain’t never felt this way
Can’t get enough so stay with me
It’s not like we got big plans
Let’s drive around town holding hands

I’m too good at leaving love
I’m too good at leaving love
I don’t wanna be

Let it go, I just can’t forget about her
How do you know, if you can really be sure?
But I can’t move on, I’m sorry that I loved her first
She’s the only one, she’s the only one, I want


I would also recommend them while working (especially, if you have a lot of computations in your work). Lels.

Photos from Google
Videos from YouTube

Utak Misyonaryo

Tuwing naiisip ko ang mga ginawa mo sa akin

Ang paghawak mo sa aking kamay

Ang pagtingin mo sa aking mga matang walang humpay

Ang paghalik mo sa aking patay na labi upang mabuhay

Ang pagsulat mo sa aking utak na mabilis mapanis parang laway

Nandidiri ako


Nandidiri ako sa mga ginawa mo

Hindi ko alam bakit kita pinatulan

Pangarap ko sana ari mo’y maputulan

Na wala nang masubo ang asawa mo

Na wala nang anak na mabubuo

Ngunit huwag kang magtaka


Huwag kang magtataka kung bakit malungkot ang buhay mo

Kung bakit hindi sang-ayon sa iyo ang mundo

Kung bakit hindi mo mahanap ang susi at kandado

Kung bakit walang magandang naidudulot ang pagtiyatiyaga mo

Kung bakit lahat ng kamalasan ay iyong natatamo

Hindi ka na nahiya


Hindi ka na nahiya sa bawat oras na sinayang mo

Oras para sa pamilya ko, sa pamilya mo

Oras para sa mga tunay kong kaibigan

Oras para sa nagiisang misyon ko sa buhay

Oras para sa trabaho ko

Dahil ako ang trinabaho mo


Dahil ako ang trinabaho mo at sila rin, at ginago mo at tang ina mo po

At ilang babae pa ang tratrabahuhin mo?

At ilang babae pa ang ipapakabit mo diyan sa sinturon mong hayok?

At ilang babae pa iiwanan mo para lang dumami pa ang matikman mo?

Sayang lang ang utak mo


Sayang lang ang utak mo at talento mo

Pagdating sa pananakit at pagaangkin ay isinugal mo

Pagdating sa paghawak ng suso at pagtingala sa langit nilaban mo

Sayang lang ang pamilya mong binuo

Dahil bukod sa pagwawasak ng sarili mong pamilya

Winasak mo na rin ang pagkatao nating pareho


Matalino ka sa ibang bagay

Sana ginamit mo

Matiyaga ka sa ibang bagay

Sana yoon nalang ang itinuloy mo


Dahil ang propesyon at edukasyon pwedeng mawala

Pero ang utak mong misyonaryo

Kahit lagyan mo ng saya

Kahit lagyan mo ng anghel

Kahit lagyan mo ng sabaw

Kahit lagyan mo ng iisa

Kahit lagyan mo pa ng babaeng nakapulang damit

Ay hinding-hindi na magbabago

Nakakasuka, nakakaawa at nakakatawa


Lahat ng isinulat mo “para sa akin” ay kaputahan

At itong isinusulat ko para sa’yo ay katotohanan

Hindi bilang ganti kung hindi bilang leksyon

Dahil ikaw mismo ay puta at wala nang direksyon

School Is Cool Kuno

Blurry photo award goes to…

Masaya ba pumasok ‘nak? Tignan natin after ilang years kung ganyan parin ngiti mo.

“Mommy, 5 more minutes.”

“Mommy, isn’t it suspended?”

“Mommy, my report card isn’t ready yet.”

At ang malala…

“Mommy, Mason and I will do a group project at their house.”