I do suddenly hope that what lies in me is my liberty of my mission.

Magical Monday

“Men always want to be a woman’s first love. Women have a more subtle instinct; what they like is to be a man’s last romance.” – Anonymous

AVFI is my life. Patients, Volunteers, Romans, Countrymen and with the others who were a part of it.

Migs Avecilla, happy 16th birthday!

Happy Beerday to my Gr.4-A (SY- 04-05) Adviser Ms. Zharro Carbonell

Congratulations to the Junior Archers in defeating UP! Let’s go La Salle!

A new blog :)

I do suddenly hope that what lies in me is my liberty of my mission.

And cheers for my double groundedness! Yes indeed! I am grounded the 2nd time around with the same span but different reason. Ok, so now it just counts to doing homework and staying at home. What? Me? At home?! Yes I know you guys can’t believe it but I am really home and can’t get out. Even around here in BF.

My life changed so much because I felt the change of people by my want. People came in and out of my life that did a very great impact. And what is that impact? It’s LOVE. Hmm. LOVE. How do you define it anyway? I define it as a unconditionally deep inexplicability. For others, they feel that they love someone ‘cause they know they can sacrifice for them. Some feel that they love someone because they’re jealous. Some feel they love someone because he/she is attracted to him/her. But what is really love to me?

GIVING MY LIFE TO SOMEONE. That’s it. *torrrrooooncoughsneezefart*

I am still a teen. Still disturbed. Still interrupted. Finding ways to make things change. Finding ways to let people feel that they are loved.

My own romance? I’ve been through a lot of relationships with guys who were kinda serious, (others were not) but to hell with them. Having a boyfriend is not yet (or has been—oops.) my priority before. But what do you get? Yes you learn, but if you want to have a boyfriend just for the sake of someone telling you that you are pretty everyday isn’t gonna make my way to treat strangers likewise. You want to have a boyfriend because you love him – no other reasons.

Ok so my point is getting lost. We’re being kinda mushy.

All I’m saying is, love is painful but it is magical. You won’t feel love without pain. And you won’t feel that it’s magical if you propose yourself as the magician.

As the song said, “All you need is to make love.” – oops. Wrong again! “All you need is LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVEEEEEEE….”

:: but there was this boy who really got my heart swooned. Who? You guys all know! HALLER. I don’t know if I still love him, cause I don’t think about him anymore. ::

* loving GOD, family, friends and school and oh, my little DB *blushsabaylaglagunderwear*


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