Loving Gabe Bondoc :))

Ok. I would like to acknowledge Mel for letting me view Gabe Bondoc’s videos on YouTube. Whoo.
Whenever I want to relax, I really watch his videos, or listen to it while blogging.

It’s 3 in the morning and I’ve been listening to him. HAHA. I’m going back in listening to acoustics again. :)) Yeah!

Well, just search for him. I’m just gonna post my favorite videos of him. :)

He’s so fab. So superb. So every adjectives that are synonymous to GREAT.

P.S. I also love his statement shirts :))

Take You Down


Take A Bow

Kissed A Girl

Burnin’ Up


2 thoughts on “Loving Gabe Bondoc :))

  1. HAHAHA anje! awwww :) im special mentioned! I love gabe Bondoc! <3 hahahaa sorry, di ko a natatanong kung relatives sila ni jimmy eh HAHA :)) or alam mo... si ano.. si Onemig din HAHA :)) awww where do i find a guy who can sing and play as well as him… :D


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