HELLO 2009, You’re gonna be mine :D

Happy New Year to everyone! :D


I had a great vacation with my relatives. Played SF, then movie marathon. I was also supposed to learn how to play DotA, but I decided not to ’cause I just don’t feel a THANG for that game :))When I went home from Binangonan, (yes, no sleep), I texted Rach and asked her what time will she pick me up. Basially, I’m just gonna summarize it.crew: me, Rach, Mara, Sten, Ojna, Mel, Karla & Jutts. (not in order of appearance, not all were able to attend the said events ahahaha I’m getting lazy)
Angel said he’d follow at around 3 p.m. but he got lazy. :)) and we kinda had a bad argument so I guess it affected the whole plan.
Went to Town. Ate Lunch at Friday’s. Went to Timezone. Window shopped at Toys ‘R Us. Hung out at Starbucks. Went to Sophia’s at Westgate for Mara’s dinner. Went to Rach’s for sleepover. Watched Pulse 3. Had 4 hours of sleep. I was awake for 36 hours. IMAGINE THAT. HONESTLY. Went to Makati Shang. Ate lunch at John and Yoko at Greenbelt. Went home. Whoo. Busy weekend err?

Got a shocking text from Ninong. :( BUT EVERYTHING’S OKAY NOW! :D YIPEEEEE.

First day of 3rd term? HAHAHA. It was okay :P I’m classmates with Joanna, Miera and Rachelle for all subjects :D Hmmm then classmates with Rap in Oralcom. Then Bok and Tere in Poligov. Then Nati and Rikka in Aesthet; Rikka also in Reconse. Tobi in Bmath. Regine, Belle, Nikki & Deedam at P.E. KNOW WHAT? FUCK THEIR AESTHET! =)) Almost half of the block are classmates in their AESTHET without us four :(( I was heartbroken, well still am :( the four of us are! HUHUHUHU! Imagine they’re going to have field trips with their own UBE without us? ARGGHHH! Anyhoo, had lunch at Pizza Hut with Miera, Rap, Joanna, Rachelle, Dherick, Criselle, Lexa, Eika & Nikki. Played CS haha. Addict! :))

Went to the Center after. :D
Mom taught me how to drive. I’m learning slowly but surely :))
I’m just having a difficulty adjusting the clutch and the accelerator.
Gel and I played with Uriel :)) I gave Uriel P45 for his Christmas gift! Whatta Ninang :)) Poverty mode? :P

2nd day? It was okay. Thank god for PE, at least there was a cute guy.
Joanna: Hay nako, wala pa tayong guapong kaklase.
Anje: MALAMANG JOANNA WALA! May nakikita ka bang ******* o ******?? WALA DBA? Wala sila! HAHAHA!
Met with Kimmie, Aaron, Gege and Eika at KFC. Then CS galore with the guys.

OHmyGOSH. Heard the news? About Vince Yu? AHAHA. Benildeans are famous again! :)) If the news isn’t about suicide cases, it’s about drugs! HAHAHA! :P

Regarding my love life? I’m telling you. I’ve been telling myself this one, after I felt something. After everything went cold…
That’s why I’m changing goals this year. I want to be back to the old me. The one who focuses on her studies. Focuses on her loved ones = friends and relatives.
No love. No relationSHITS. If ever there will be, I will make sure that, that guy doesn’t use me for his necessity or toy or whatever. Basically, I’ve been feeling that ever since…
NAH. NEVER MIND. I don’t want to talk about HIM. AHAHA. I’m telling you, he is not worth my time right now. AS IN. I SWEAR. He just proved to me that he’s still immature and he basically doesn’t need me at all. He’s happier with his friends, that’s so obvious. Oh! I know why he is happy, cause one of his friends…. SECRET :))
Bitter na nga kung bitter. Eh ayoko na eh. Tae sya :))
I just said I don’t want to talk about him.

On a lighter mode..
Seeing him again after the break made my heart swoon again. Made my jeans fall :))
I love his hair. Hope that’s his hairstyle forever :))


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