It’s been almost 2 months when I last blogged here. I’ve been really busy at school and other stuff. So here’s a new layout, so my Blogspot won’t seem dead after all. Haha.

I tried to watch Fireproof, but the video that I waited to buffer had a problem with the sound, so fuck that. I waited hours just for it to buffer. Damn damn damn.

Hmmm. So what’s new?
>> Again, new layout.
>> New single life again. I love it! It’s so great to be single because you get to flirt! HAHA :) I’m such a meanie, but it’s hell true. ;)
>> New prospectS. >:)
>> New friends
>> New layout also in my Multiply. AHAHA
>> New editing talents. Yeah boi :))

And there’s so much to blog, but yes, I AM LAZY. It’s a Sunday. I need to get some rest. :)

(basically, I just needed something to blog here, so my Blogspot won’t appear lame. HAHA)



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