Can’t Bellieve It

“All serious daring starts from within.” – Welty

Listening to: Sweet Thing – Keith Urban

God Is Good. :D

Sorry, wasn’t able to attend the mass for you, but you’re forever in my prayers :)

This day is unbelievable. The moment I arrived at home, my mom was watching a senate hearing about the Legacy education plan case. Imagine, getting well rather STEALING the money of the innocent individuals who strive just for their children to go to school. There was one complainant whose daughter can’t go to college because of what the Ces guy did. Forgot his full name. Err. People, make up your minds. You always think about your personal needs when there are MORE people who need those needs.
Then rape cases are all around the news today. The thirteen-year-old who raped a six-year-old. What’s with kids these days huh? My little brother is turning fourteen this year and can’t even imagine that at that kind of age, doing sexual harassment? My golly. Yeah, hmm I guess I know what’s up with kids. The other case was about this professor or teacher who raped his student for almost 3 years I think. The student couldn’t spill because the teacher or professor would video their sexual doings then of course, blackmail his student.
What’s with rape? Is it because it’s summer already? Everybody feels HOT? HAHA.
It actually depends on the environment he or she grew up in, the media he allows himself to be influenced with or merely the unstoppable hormones. (parang DotA lang, UNSTOPPABLE HAHAHAHA)

I just watched hours ago the “Oprah to Rihanna Message” CLICK HERE TO WATCH
[also contains the whole report what really happened ro Chris and Rihanna. Then Oprah pronounces Rihanna as Ri-Hanna. Cool. Haha]

Then there’s this new post of Perez Hilton entitled, “Why Are People Still Supporting This Monster?”
A very specific comment kept me laughing.
It was from this guy with a username: BobFreeman saying:
I left that CD alone with my girlfriend for an hour, and when I came back her eyes were swollen shut and her nose was broken.

Here are some pics that aren’t in my layout ’cause of Miera‘s late uploading :))

Encar loves me. Sam loves me. Xtian loves me. Miera loves me.
Heidi loves me. Trish loves me. Eikatoos loves me

I guess that’s enough for today.
I’m having fun chatting with Edista. :)


2 thoughts on “Can’t Bellieve It

  1. Life just keeps on getting worse. . . Things like these happen, not just today but it happened before and it will happen tomorrow… My advise is, just keep on doing things that is right… and maybe someday, who knows, things as such will just disappear. Kaya, tara na, enjoy life… that’s just 1/1000 things of beautiful things life brings us… just like being LOVED…. and LOVING… har har har!!!


  2. Yep, I feel bad for all human beings :)) Argghhh. We need martial law! Yup, and if you do things right then you pass it on, things will be brighter :)And making love? HAHA :)


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