My Vintage Side

Bragging aside, but some of my friends are telling me to make a Lookbook shiz (the website where you model for your own clothes and name then, more of a magazine style) BUT I have so many accounts in different sites already, so I’m really lazy. And what’s the point? I have my own blog for posting it! Well, here are some photos that they say are, “Lookbook worthy.”
P. S. I have Looklet to design some stuff, and I’m not THAT VAIN ALWAYS, YOU KNOW.
P. S. S. Inspired by self and vintage stuff all over at home (epic, I tell ya.)
Have fun criticizing moih!

Shades: Ray-Ban
Top: Hongkong
Jeans: Levis
Bag: Hongkong
Shoes: Charles Jourdan

Scarf: Macy’s
Top: Hongkong
Skirt: Ruins
Bag: Louis Vuitton Epi (Green)
Shoes: Charles Jourdan
My Cards (for 4 years now): Casino Filipino (katulong namin, katulong ninyo) HAHAHA

Turban: Vintage
Top: Topshop
Armlet: Vintage
Pants: Vintage
Bag: Christian Dior
Shoes: Gucci

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