64 Florence

Robs and Isko’s birthday sex celebration
This was 3 years in the making.
We weren’t complete but ’twas okay since we got to catch up :)
I really missed them. I love my boyfriends + Lauren
Too bad Pat wasn’t able to make it. So as Amps and Ginets. :(
Went home at 3am. Malakas sila sa Mom ko eh ;)
Chicken + bbq = kahit yun lang yung kinain ko the whole night okay lang! Ang sarap talaga ng luto nila tita and tito! Woohoo!!
July 24-25 2010

Luig, Lauren, me, Isko & Jerome

5 mins lang daw si Lauren kasi pupunta pa raw siyang Tagaytay

Daddeh Robs + yung babaeng 5 minutes lang daw

SNSD pose?

Ack. Stolen.
Daddeh Robs: “Wow anak, ikaw na ang naka LV.”
Me: “….. :|”
Photos from Robbie Hilado.

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