Lily’s Wasak Siya 20th Birthday

Coal, Harbour Square
August 13-14, 2010
TSMS + TAMS + TSL + MF1J + CA (incomplete)
Mang Jose ang wumasak kay Lily
In short: Wasak si Lily
Then headed to Timog after to watch ate Juliet and kuya Chin’s gig (MYMP) at Technowave with Eika, Ge, EJ, Bry, Rain, Lester and ate Stella
Some goto after
Then to Ge’s condo
Malunggay noodles foodtrip then chismisan
Then swimming
Then went to school for Compan
ALL IN ALL = NO SLEEP. Seriously.
Here are some photos (without the swimming yet since Geraldine is still lazy on uploading, and of course, no photo of Mrs. Wasak Lily)

The birthday girl (second to the right with her most sane photo before she died with Mang Jose)


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