Oct-Nov Recap

Heidi, me and EJ at Mcdo photobooth-ing

Criselle, Rachelle, Heidi and Me IN THE RESTROOM.

Happy Halloween! Thanks to Rachelle for the photo and Aaron for the mask :)

Happy birthday Rachelle! (Rachelle’s 19th at Gege’s condo in Soho Hotel, Manadaluyong)
Gege, Lily, Mika, Rachelle, Chibz, Heidi, Criselle, Miera and me.

Lola’s 88th birthday! With relatives :)

B, Kimmie and me

Aaron’s birthday at MOA Seaside
Kimmie, EJ, Heidi and me

6 Thinking Hats (Huresde class workshop)
Go TeamPura! :)

Sorry if I hadn’t posted for a decade. I’ve been really busy with school and laziness. So here’s some photos for my dead blog. Enjoy! :)


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