HR Night

Well the day started with the M-RESME make-up class of 1-4, and yes I was late. I arrived at around 1:30 and they were already discussing the statement problems, but it’s a good thing that sir Tang gave another example so I was able to catch up.

Since the HR night was at 6pm, we just roamed around Taft and especially pigged on fish fillet. Had a Gossip Girl moment with R, Rellis and Shana. So much now for discoveries and it’s not for the record!
Then we headed to the theater. I WAS REALLY EXPECTING FREE FOOD, and free fun but all I got was a free drink and free fun with my friends and not the whole event. But I admire the officers especially Charm who put such enormous effort in the event, (of course the whole HR Week) Good job, blow job!
I was also expecting several programs. I did get disappointed since, I don’t know. It wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t that good also. Steadybear.
I also got pissed about the photobooth. Gawd, if TSL weren’t my barkada, I would go empty to places right now and seeing myself on social networking sites damned out with photos. It hit me to be a little bit sulky. Yes, a little bit. So this is only the decent photo I have! Gawd. When will I have countless photos? If I could just have my birthday everyday so that I would get a lot of photos. (Reminds me of my last birthday which I only had…. what, 9 photos? Crazy.) And when I check the albums in their Facebook/Multiply accounts and their phone gallery, you would see that I just have what? 2-4 pictures? Bull. That’s why at some point, I don’t want to be in pictures anymore since no one really likes to have me on it. Douch.

T, me, R and Wesley.
(fundamental smile from me since only one decent photo, as I said. Told ya.)

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