First things first, I am pissed/angry/annoyed. How do you piss me off? Well, here you go…

1. We’re part of a barkada, and you don’t invite me. You shouldn’t whine reasons out like, “You’re busy.”, “We didn’t ask you already since I know there are some times that you’re not gonna be allowed.”, “We were supposed to ask you but we forgot to.” SIMPLY PATHETIC. Well first of all, if you knew I was busy, does that mean you were so busy to call me and tell me you had plans? Second, even though you know that there are cases that I won’t be allowed, AT LEAST YOU FUCKING TRIED TO ASK ME (it would mean that you really wanted to hang out with me.) Lastly, how could you forget to ask me? Dude, I’m like what, you’re best friend for how many fucking years now! Your brain’s gotta work dear.
2. When you think you’re all right when you weren’t really like that before. That basically explains everything. (Oh and yeah, one more thing… You can’t manipulate me. Stop acting like you can be me.) Trying to outsmart me? I don’t think you can.
3. When you are an arse. Telling me something that annoys you because I did something very annoying? Wait a minute here brother. If you annoy me, I don’t react as pussy as that. Spell UNFAIR up on yo’ ass.
4. When the people you expect to listen and take time to ask how are you, don’t. That’s when you know who your true friends are, and to think they aren’t even my kabarkadas.
5. When your name is R**, S** and J**. Self-explanatory. (Oh no wait! When you’re a social climber but nobody up the window really likes you! Hahaha)
To calm me down (or you if you’re also pissed and have the same reasons and want to add up names in my #5, watch this.)


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