First 3 weeks of February

This was such a random Thursday. Jonas, Heidi and the others wanted to drink. So, go.
And I would never forget my drop-it-low-while-looking-for-the-lighter-dance

Well, of course we celebrated Valentine’s Day. I mean, who doesn’t? SAD? Not really. We all just wanted to have fun.

We started the day eating lunch in Mexican Express then supporting Eika and Enzo in the ‘Be My Valentine’ event in Plaza V then we had dinner in Papa John’s, Taft.
Congratulations for such wonderful bedroom voices! Hehe
Congratulations to Bien and others who organized the event!
*videos won’t be posted, obviously

Another happy Thursday for us!
Lunch at Sex
Dessert at Solomon’s
Drinks at Dema and Central

Last but not the least…
Happy 20th birthday B at this 20th of Feb! \:D/

Hi birthday boy Miguel Torroba! :)
Thanks to:
EJ de Jesus
Aaron Napiza
Heidi Cortez
Sofia Ligot
for the photos.

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