It’s been 7 months again (yes, that long – and why on earth am I spoiling myself with late blogging again) since you last heard from my telenovelic life. And this is where the problem starts, where do I even begin…

Well it’s a start of a new term again. And yes, taking up my last term! Woohoo! (sex in Sims) having my on-the-job-training at Corporate Executive Search Incorporated, Medical Plaza, Makati. I’m on my 2nd week now and yes, it’s really fun working there especially me, Joanna and Criselle were assigned in the contingent team. Two of the HR consultants are graduates of CSB so yeah, (I also think I’m gonna get fat because of foodtrips. Shoutout to: Kuya Beatles! And we also enjoy the great music playlists of the consultants! 90s!) This is what I really call on-the-job since we’re given the chance to interview applicants, either from call-outs or walk-ins. We also get to source and post jobs. I’m really learning a lot especially filing the 201 files and how does an SSS, Philhealth and other documents should be arranged. Thanks to my best-ever boss, Ms. Gen! :)

Heidi, Ms. Gen, Ms. Meng, Ms. Tin, me and Joanna (where the hell was Criselle?)
Since I wanna brag about how good I’m getting at with my academic/career life, I just wanna share with you someone I’ve been willing to share my life with. :)
Yes, this is Benjamin. He is the love of my life. :”> Hihihi
We got together last 7th of September. So, how did we start? Well, I met him (if you could see some previous photos) a random day of drinking, in Taft we call it Happy Thirstday/Thursday. We have common friends and then, I was too friendly that time that I was the one who added him on Facebook and got his number first. Talk about hard-to-get! Hahaha. But I didn’t like him that time. I started liking him around April (but he had no idea about it) we were I guess, the closest of both barkadas. So yeah the texting everyday shiz. It was more of a bridge story… I liked one of his friends then he liked one of mine but it ended bleak. Until one night, he asked who was the person I’m liking. I couldn’t resist, I also got encouraged by my friend Criselle (I won’t put in details her love story haha) to admit to Bjie that I like him, so there. Voila! Shame I say, first move. Hahaha. I thought I didn’t have any chance but as we were getting-to-know each other, he told me that he kinda liked me before – that was the time that I think I also kinda liked him. Only to find out that we shared that secret to Heidi. There were also signs but I won’t detail much of it since my writing skills are not meant for your visual needs. And yes, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. :) That explains it! :) cliche but, words aren’t enough to show how happy, inspired, matured and productive I’ve been since I met him. He makes my world better everyday and he makes me fall madly deeply in love with him everyday.

Here are some missed out photos for the last 7 months.

Black and blue day at Coffee Bean

Graduation Photoshoot

kuya Mark’s Huresem
Food team! Huresem: Employee Appreciation Day and Conference
Rais’ photoshoot

AVFI’s 13th anniv and Ninongs “26th” birthday

Criselle and Ej’s birthday celebration at MOA seaside
Larky’s birthday at Cavite

Tattle lovers

Fridate at Greenbelt

Before thesis defense! Whew! At Plaza V
Bon Chon

Mexican Express (Sept. 7, 2011)

Criselle and Ej’s birthday celebration at MOA Seaside

Joanna’s birthday dinner at Giligan’s Makati

Shoutout to Miera & Alyssa! :)

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