Disclaimer: Not visually entertaining… Hahaha

October 7, 2011: Friday
First Month ♥
Me, Rachelle, Miera, Joanna and Heidi were at the baller shop in UM while I was waiting for Bjie. Nate also stopped by (a friend of Bjie’s) after, J bought Libertea then me & Bjie ate at Zark’s. While we were eating, I already gave him the notebook (cliche, but it’s the 100 reasons why I love you kinda-thing). His eyes were watery. I was about to cry too but I told him not to and just to dig in the lovely burger. =p~ Yup, it was my first time to do that, and hey it’s still unfinished. I’m planning to transfer it in a very visually entertaining notebook. Hehe. So we went to Rob after, foodtrip… And yes! Our favorite! Guitar Herooooooooooo!!!!
I’m falling more and more in love with him everyday.
(no pictures, fail)

October 8, 2011: Saturday
Lola’s Birthday Celebration
We fetched Bjie at Rob, Cainta. Yup, this day was a double-purpose. For lola’s birthday and for him to meet the rest of my relatives. Everything was really okay until we owned the videoke for almost 5 hours straight! Hahaha
(soon to upload photos)

October 11, 2011: Tuesday
Since this was the day before 2 of our bosses will be heading to Cagayan de Oro for PMAP, we had a dinner at Bagnet in Makati with the Contingent and Accounting department. Yes, a lot of them have said that it’s way better than the Bagnet in Taft (I haven’t been in Bagnet, Taft). H and I ordered the good for two Bagnet Kare-Kare. I also tasted a little bit of Criselle’s… sisig HAHAHA inside joke will never be a failure when I blog (even though I dislike sisig) but their sisig is soooo delicious! It tasted food finally! (Well, compared to the rest of the sisigs I’ve tasted). So me, Ms. Gen and C went home already but the rest played poker in Saguijo (yes, brave little ones but hey, they bought beers so, give it up already whatever it is that you’re thinking. Haha)
(soon to upload photos)

October 15, 2011: Saturday
A date with him as always ♥
We just went around the mall, (didn’t watch a movie since there’s nothing worth-watching) ate at Karate Kid (piece of disclaimer, their chicken teriyaki tastes like Mang Inasal’s chicken). We were really craving for Tokyo Tokyo but Rob pulled it out. Yes, Rob Kardashian. That hottie PULLED IT OUT. Kidding. The good part? We had four cups of rice all at the same time! Challenge accepted :> hehe. But I think he won since he raped my chicken and he ordered bottomless iced tea. The better part? We ordered another set of food, which is the spicy squid (yumm I loved it, but the sauce tastes like the one in Yakisoba, but it was spicy so I don’t effin’ care if it tasted like Yakisoba, IT WAS SPICY! Love ’em) The best part? there were only two waiters. Imagine, this restaurant had unlimited iced tea and rice then there were lots of customers and they served really fast! Hats-off for them, really. Then Timezone mode again, we’re back Guitar Hero! (Uhm, we needed to digest) Oh, and just hours ago, he really bought Guitar Hero for his Xbox. What is addicting. But at least, he remembers me when he’s playing his… Xbox haha. Everyday is such a perfect day, especially when that day is with him. Aaaahh, I’m always gonna be in love with him. Okay, let’s rap up these cheesy moments!
(no pictures, fail)


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