You Always Have A Choice

Something I’ve realized (HAHA YES! Believe me! It took me years to agree with this kind of perception)

Every person should decide on their own. What clothes to wear, what brand of napkin to buy, what brand of cigarette to smoke, and what kind of music to listen to. It is not just for-the-sake-of-deciding-drama because every decision you make reflects your personality and your maturity.

First Scenario

Choices given: Your best friend since high school that you’ve known inside-out or the college free-loader friend whom you just met because of your best friend in high school.
You chose: The college free-loader friend
1. Ideal life. You start drinking even when you know you have class, (rather you cut, waste your money into vices, lie to your parents, STEAL, or do any Eddie Guerrero shit)
2. After being used to with the ideal life. Since you already know how to get drunk and get out of your mind, you drink more, take the feeling and splurge into some guy’s body, lock yourself in a room and fuck each other (then not remembering anything that happened the next day)
3. Maturity. You bond with Ms. Free-Loader and notice her flaws, tell it to your high school best friend and share each other’s observations.
4. Hold-up. You realize how much of a war-freak Ms. Free-Loader is so you get close to her more since you’re a pussy.
5. Influence. You start backstabbing your closest friends because of the “observations” of Ms. Free-Loader and even start doubting your high school best friend.
6. Awe. You believe all these stories that Ms. Free-Loader is assuming and you start getting mad, well mostly paranoid and psycho since you know how to get drunk and get out of your mind.
7. You start bombarding public must-reads. You start with faking replies on your phone, pretending that everything’s okay (and next thing you know, you’re spreading just what happened with that conversation and the rest of the world agrees with you without them knowing the real story – but hey! Congratulations! You had additional hobbies for spreading something rather than your legs and disease). You post on social networking sites (insinuate posts of other people feeling that you’re the one being insinuated regarding their posts since you’re mostly paranoid and psycho. In other two words, affected and guilty).
8. Hopeless. Last stage. No cure but can be lessened. Try to change your ideal life and head back to number one for complete guidance.

You had a choice.

Second Scenario
Choices given: You kill yourself with assurance that you will really die but oops, you suffered a long time or don’t kill yourself and just solve the fucking problem.
You chose: To kill yourself with assurance
1. Ideal life. You start being crazy in love even if you haven’t met the girl in real life that you’ve been obsessed with.
2. After being used to with the ideal life. You get into arguments or fights. You produce blood and hatred all over you.
3. Maturity. Instead of moving on, you beg to disagree with that fact and you continue living your ideal life.
4. Hold-up. You realize that it’s never-ending so you lose yourself, just like Eminem.
5. Influence. You influence yourself between two personalities, and none of them answers your questions back, but still you followed your ideal life.
6. Awe. You believe that this ideal life makes you grow, makes you proud, compensates the anger and the bitterness, makes you someone else, makes you free… Makes you live.
7. You start shaking the people around you. You start pretending to be okay. Maybe that’s it. You make your friends and relatives worry about you, especially the one who gave you life.
8. Hopeless. You produce blood. There’s a straight line. There’s a black light. You may head back to number one for complete guidance but it will be a different one…

You had a choice.

I hope everyone learns their lesson.

Choose what’s right before it’s too late.


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