Give In

You know what’s funny? Lies. People hate lies. They hate being lied to, but they love lying. Know what’s even more funny? Telling the truth. You risk telling the truth because you know it’s the only way to be set free and it’s the only way to clear things, but not everyone likes hearing the truth. Maybe even, a priest.

Maybe, even someone you thought would understand you. Someone you thought would concentrate on one issue and forget the rest. I know I have my flaws, and I am sorry for whatever wrong behavior I’ve been doing lately.

All that I have to do now is give in, accept whatever it is that they blame me for, or attack me with. I am not mad at them, even pissed. I have forgiven them… and may God do the rest because I know this is a test. :)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned today, it’s keeping calm. Not holding any grudges to anyone.

I want a shirt like this!!!
So it was THEIR graduation practice yesterday and other grad chorva requirements… While I was waiting for Bjie… Me, Joanna, Kerwin, Ciara, (Sarte..kinda) stayed in HRMP. We needed aircon!!
Yup, this is Kerwin’s watch. I was attracted because of the color and I really want to have this kind of watch! (Kerwin’s not smiling, boo)
I’m so proud of my baby! (this is not graduation yet, it was just their pictorial) He’s so cute! I’m a proud girlfriend! Hehehe :”> ♥ aacck I miss him :(
You smell trouble?
Yes, this is what I get for going out for two straight days: Fixing my bags. Choooooores
Voila! Fixed it by brand and size!


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