Christopher Crosspost

I owe you so many greetings! (oh my, that’s one right there) Belated Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine’s in advanced and oh wait…

I haven’t graduated yet. Just waiting for the graduation practice and graduation itself (but I’ve been applying to companies for the past weeks)

Oops! Here’s a collage I made (for profile picture purposes).
Very distinguished smile during the 1st grade (people mistaken it as a prep photo but that’s a 1st grade photo). Next, 7th grade. Admit it, I look boyish, plain and like a dugyot (well sorry, I didn’t know how to be girly during that time!) Of course next is my senior high school graduation picture, (and admit it again! I was thin as a hottie!)
: ugly pixel for the college photo since it was just scanned (same as 1st grade and 7th grade photo)

As I quote my caption on Facebook:

Thank you De La Salle for the unforgettable learning, extraordinary experience and the never-ending happiness you have given my 16 years of education. :)


P.S. The evolution of man.

P. P. S. Tang inang Grade 7 photo yan, ANG PANGET. Hahahaha

In 22 days, I will be signing off…

And then the crosspost Part 2:

(photos not in chronological order, sorry)

kuya Anton as Joker a.k.a. Killer Nurse

Our Retro/Christmas for a Child Party: White Team
CJ, ate Zhel, Pat, ate Kat, Anj, Makang, Aris, Angel, ate Marlyn, Job, Migs, Mac, your honor, Red, Duday and Robin

And yes! Kuya Mark won the best costume award! He really deserves it! Everything that he’s wearing is all made by him! (yes even the green paint) ate Penny (his wife) as Catwoman and Chesca (my goddaughter) as Tinkerbell

Migs as the guy in One Piece (what’s his name? haha I really hate animes) oh and there’s Santa…nas!

Miera, Joanna, Rachelle, Migz & Heidi @ Coffee Bean

Rachelle’s surprise! We gave her an iPhone notepad from Tickles. (she lost her iPhone so we kinda thought of IMPROVISING. Nothing to worry, we’re rich… Hahaha)
P.S. Isn’t my boyfriend the cutest? :”>

Jonna, your honor, Criselle, Val & Joanna @ CESI

Ms. Yvette, your honor, Ms. Mercy, Ms. Leni, Criselle, Joanna, Ms. Meng, Sir Cholo, Ms. Gen, Ms. Tin and sir Fonz.
I’ll really miss my CESI family. It has been quite an experience and I’ve really learned a lot. I won’t forget these people since they’re the ones who taught me to have fun and learn at work all at the same time. (why didn’t you guys absorb me, lol)

The cutest, loveliest and sweetest boyfriend ever, the greatest person you’ll ever meet (mocking Mean Girls), Chibz, Joanna, Rap, Miera, Heidi, Criselle, Mika <3s Jolo @ Greenbelt 1

Bon Chon!xx

Miera’s birthday lunch @ Giligan’s, Greenbelt 1
Criselle, Kimmie, Heidi, the birthday girl, Dherick, Joanna, the loveliest, Mika & Lia

Red Mango

Ciara & Corn’s birthday celebration @ Central Taft
Remy, Gueco, Glenn, Bjiebabe (hihi), your honor, Joseph, Miera, Tere, Ciara & Joanna

With Corn :D

Kanin Club @ Ayala Triangle
Criselle, your honor, Gia, Ms. Gen, Ms. J-Ann, Ms. Ivy CHARICE, Glenn, Sir Cholo and Sir Jerome

Had to celebrate the end of thesis with beer pong, drinks & good friends
and greatest boyfriend :”> (do I really have to keep on repeating that? I get so kilig, sorry!) we lost to Heidi & Aaron, BOO.

My birthday surprise from MGs and my CESI family <3

Up :”>

Duh, this was scripted. Hahaha.

MGs made me a scrapbook! I really stopped my tears! Hihi :’)

FASHION POLICE! Hahaha! Heidi and I didn’t plan wearing the same design!

Family ficture

At my house
Criselle, Ej, Miera, the owner, Aaron, Rachelle

Luigi was the only one from Zobel who attended <!–3 but he had fun!