Butterscotch and Ice

I saw my friend tweet about the song Sleeps With Butterflies by Tori Amos. 3 days after, I realized that it fitted Cheekee’s death. She was 8years old, a Labrador. One of the kindest pets I’ve ever had. She was given to us by tita Jeanie the year of 2007. And what I love about her is that when I was taking pictures with her, she didn’t avoid any shot. Lost some of the photos since it was taken by my old camera back in 2009.
On that day, I had an interview at 1pm in Makati. I was supposed to leave the house at 1030am (considering #itsmorefuninthePhilippines traffic). I didn’t know why I was dressing up a long time, fixing my things etc. When my mom was shouting and crying Cheekee, I knew it. Maybe Cheekee wanted me to see her rest. It was the first time I had to courage to look at our dead pet.

We just saw her one day full of blood coming from her nose. The next day, she was very weak already, and wasn’t in the mood to eat. It was really painful for me. Imagine me going home and not seeing her licking my face, jumping on me showing that she’s excited to see me back home.

I guess, she’s back home now… I hope to see her again
one day.
I want you to listen to the song.

She died 1045am on the 27th of January 2012.
I’m gonna miss her so much. :'( It still hurts :'(
P.S. Check my tweet above. Check the date.

Bjie and I had dinner at Chinoy King yesterday at Rob. I loved it because it was unlimited Yang Chow! Of course I ordered sweet & sour pork! Hihi. Now I have a new favorite! (well of course I wouldn’t change North Park for anything) but if you’re looking for a cheap Chinese resto, this one’s for you.
I love it when I’m with him. Never a dull moment. <3

Pssh. I can’t wait for the 8th episode of Walking Dead, Season 2. Luckily, it’s the same excitement for graduation since the days are consecutive. Damn you Sophia!
Lesson learned: Always listen to instructions. Lol

Bombarded tweets this morning about Showtime leaving. Honestly, jologs kung jologs but I tweeted Vice and Anne telling them how weird it was since th
ey never gave any heads-up that the show is ending. NOW I GET IT! Since Happy Yipee Yehey’s last episode is on the 4th of Feb (hi graduation practice), E-live’s last episode is tomorrow, Magunaw Man ang Mundo is at 1130am on Monday, Kapamilya Blockbuster is after Kris TV, and Carmina Villaroel & Janice de Belen has a new program… I am assuming that Showtime MIGHT change hosts, staff and name then Carmina & Janice’s show will be on E-live’s time slot and goodbye Happy Yipee Yehey is the dra-muh! Hay nako ABS, just be sure Vice, Anne, Vhong, Jugs<3Teddy, and Billy will still be there (but wait isn't Billy going to Europe?) ah basta, to make it short… Be sure that Karylle won’t be there! I’m not a fan I’m sorry.

Downloading it right now. It’s thesis’ fault on why haven’t I continued Modern Family!!!! Bummer. I’m a loser.

I do get serious sometimes, k? Yes, I’m really into politics. I love the drama (HAHA) been watching this. Enrile is doing a great job. He takes both sides equally. My view is the prosecution is losing breath here. They should have strong evidence and confident witnesses. The first and last confident witness for me was Kim-Jacinto Henares. I see myself in her when she answers. I love her sarcasm!

Yup, been taking food during my interviews. Thank you Goldilocks! I love your brownies! :D
When Bjie and I were at SM Southmall, I wanted to look at Papelmeroti if they had planners. I was disappointed since their planners were small. I was looking for a bigger one, like the Belle de jour planner. Anyway, I saw these section of frames and it reminded me of my closest friends! Hehe. If I get to work already, I really promise myself that I’ll be giving them (with my choice of photo of course bwahaha) Lawyer for kuya Juinor, Architect for Mac, Teacher for Red and Engineer for Ojna! Too bad there wasn’t a bartender or chef frame for Rap. Haha, see I have all the kinds of friends!

Get to see the products of my friend Christine! Please like her in Facebook: Christine Angela
Please support her! Thank you!
Hey you! Some awareness for you!

Stop littering the ocean! Wait, will get some sushi…

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