So what is the whole reason for this moving of blogs? Well, recently I have been reading my old blogs from Blogdrive, Livejournal, i.PH and Blogspot. My feedback is that my writing has not been uniformed. So I figured to start writing in WordPress. Why WordPress? Before I even started deciding to move into this domain, I did some research and based from statistics, WordPress is more accessible than Blogspot. Also, it has a direct access to my phone so I could blog anything anywhere at anytime!

Enough of that advertising. Another reason why I moved into WordPress is I want to share with the readers (if I do have some), the real side of how I really write. The past blogs just featured my teeny-bopper-not-so-mature years (yes, just blogging what I want to say). So lately, I gave myself limits. In additon, I also promise this blog to have more photos and details of the snippets in my life. It would not just help me reflect and learn from any experience I had in the past.

Regrets? Only the archive in Blogspot since I have been blogging there for 5 years but everyone needs a change so…

Basically, I just needed to post something right now so that I could find a better theme. Hahaha! So where’s the maturity in that?


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