Dancing and Growing Up

For some reason back in 2002, this video has caught my attention. Not only because of the weird lyrics but because of the kids dancing. Since I was 12 years old back then, there was much appreciation given to kids who participated in a very successful artist’s video.

So after 11 years, I wondered where they could have been. I really took so much time on researching and some photos and videos made me say, I KNEW IT. Well, it was worth a shot. I got two of them.

I am really, of course, not updated with teen shows for the past years since TV series has been a hit but as directed by Nick Cannon, Monica Parales played ‘Mo Money’


The second person for this research: Alyson Stoner


She played Sarah Baker in Cheaper By The Dozen as one of the leading brats. From this all-time family movie to this all-time dance movie


And here was a big shock to me. When I watched Step Up 3, I knew she was somewhat familiar…

Alexandra Wyman


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