Barangay Elections 2013

Just some views why am I not voting for this year’s Barangay Elections. Well, I guess all of my reasons are logical and valid.

1. It is not because I am not exercising my right to vote. It is because I am exercising my right to not tolerate corruption. Why? People, what is the difference of taking out Sagguniang Kabataan when this current election is just an elderly version?

2. I am not stupid. People keep on participating, reacting and commenting on the pork barrel issues. They keep on complaining about these corrupt officials, so basically why vote? The pork barrel issue has just been served for us Filipinos to wake up and realize what kind of dimwits are the people we voted for, for the past years and now just because you have ‘the right’ to vote, you just want to vote?

3. People should vote for a change. I am not voting just because I have the right to vote. If I wanted to vote it is because of change but with all these tribulations happening, you think when you vote it will change anything? Always remember that politics is not revolving around political dynasty, it is a family business or corporation. So whoever you will be voting for, they will all be a part of something sneaky. They will always be part of a political family, friend of a politician, staff of a politician maybe even whore of a politician.

4. Think wisely, not vote wisely. So if ever I see people who voted and at the same time will be attending rallies for the anti-pork barrel, well go to hell hypocrites. Adding a problem to another problem is not a solution. Stopping a problem is.

Now I’m wondering how come they did not postpone this year’s elections? You wouldn’t know. But mind you how innocent and guilty will you feel for the aftermath. Some people you voted for are just minions of the Napoles’ or any NGO corrupt president. See, you wouldn’t know ;)

And for the record, trust me. I am not proud attending grade school and high school with Jeane Napoles, good thing I was not part of her group of friends.



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