If I Was Someone Else

Have you ever thought of who you want to be if you weren’t yourself today? I am not being a narcissist yet it just randomly hit me. Why not try mixing some personalities and looks if you’d be someone else, right?

Well, let’s stop being hypocrites and start with looks. It’s the first thing that any human being would appreciate once they look at you. Let’s do it from head to toe.

The shape of my head would be Lindsay Ellingson’s

kafMy hair would be Jennifer Aniston’s

faMy eyebrows would be Natalie Portman’s

nportman_gl_7feb12_pa_bMy eyes would be speaking so I guess it would be Gemma Ward’s

ugjbkNose would be Jessica Alba’s

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Lips? Of course no-brainer! Rachel McAdams’ oh how I adore her so much!




JUST KIDDING. Here’s the real one, for ears and cheeks, Leighton Meester’s


Now when talking about abs… I wanna have Katrina Bowden’s


For the legs and back, Blake Lively’s of course!

Blake Lively-PRN-073593

For the feet, Anne Hathaway’s


Now let us go with the personality, for the heart, I choose this Pokemon… Angel Locsin. She never does inform media that she has some charity event. The media only gets photos from the ordinary people taking a photo of Angel. So basically, she is not doing it for publicity.


The wit is a no-brainer, Vice Ganda’s

Vice GandaThe brain…


Share what’s yours! :)


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