Red Better Velvet

Last Monday…

Cheers to another visitor, a close friend of mine, EJ. To admit, we haven’t talked for 5 months because of issues we had to settle but since I have decided to FOCUS ONLY ON ALL POSITIVITY since a certain situation happened to the father of my child.

It was my first time to eat at Larcy’s Cupcakery even though it was just one cartwheel from my house. I have heard rumors that their food was not that delicious. I guess we all have our own opinion when our taste buds foodgasm.


First, we had carbonara + potato chips with spinach dip + chocolate SUMTHIN milkshake haha


Chocolate SUMTHIN cupcake and of course red velvet!


Thanks to Ej for visiting me and treating me like a queen. Hihi :)

The day after, my mom and I decided to visit my new OB in Pleasant Hills Lying In in Mandaluyong. I decided also to give birth there because of their price and since the OB is the niece of one of our closest friends tita Nitz. Gotta say she was more detailed on giving medicine and explaining when will my due date be. It differed from my OB in Paranaque. The OB in Paranaque told me I can give birth already from end of November until Dec 17 but my OB in Mandaluyong said it is from Dec 17 until Jan 7. It is also best if I give birth before Jan 7.

Had a long day in Mandaluyong though. Had lunch with Tita Nitz at her house and met Bamba


Then went to Ortigas for some of my mom’s errands and met with my aunt and cousin in Galleria.

Because of a very long and tiring day, I had to take a selfie. Lol


Tuesdays with Mommy ♡ hihi


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