Break With Tradition

I’ve been hearing a lot of news already about deathly hazing. As of what I remember, it was 2 years ago that a Bedan was also killed by this cruel act. Why am I reacting on this? Here are my reasons:

1. I’m a Lasallian (Benildean). Same as Servs, green blooded kid until college years. The years you invest studying in a La Salle school is no joke. Talk about the expensive tuition, the international books you use and the sosyal friends you gain (haha) with the green blood is again, essential. Another thing is, the reputation that the school has been getting disappointed the Benildean community. A reputation from bagsakan ng mga taga La Salle Main to mayayaman na walang utak until this happened has become worse. I am in no position in defending those “connotations” but I believe I have learned a lot being street-smart and not just depending on the books with the school.

2. I am a mother. I know Alessandra, well of course is not 18 years old yet but what the heck? Seeing your son being dragged out of a condo unit? Seeing your son’s thigh messed up like it was tocino day? Seeing your son, helpless and breathless? Yourself thinking how it’s too late to bring him to the hospital? Mrs. Servando did not just take care of unborn Servs for 9 months and go into labor for hours to see her son after 18 years in that scenario. Mr. Servando did not work his ass off to give Servs good education, shelter and upbringing just to see his son after 18 years not moving on the floor.

Quoting Mr. Aurelio Servando in a TV Patrol interview:

“…And nakilala ko siya nga yung anak ko. Ako ang apektado. Paano kayo nakakatulog sa ginawa niyo noh? Anong klaseng hayop nagpaanak sa inyo. Imposible hindi kayo tao eh. I’m being realistic. If I don’t get justice in my time,  while I’m still alive, may Diyos ang mundo. Ang Diyos ang bahala sa inyo.

3. I am a human being, not an animal. I was born to be human to love all the living. I wasn’t born to be human to kill human beings just for the sake of making them prove something (interrelating an eye for an eye not to be counted, okay?). I was born to let others continue their journey in being humans.

4. I am socially accepted without being a member of a fraternity/sorority. I know, I know. I was opened to the idea of fraternities since high school. Yes, I do have friends who started joining fraternities during high school but, no one died. But I don’t seem to get the point of being in those groups just to have some older brothers covering your ass when someone wants to put you on a square. I get it, it was high school. But college? You join these kinds of groups to socialize and not to be socially accepted. Basically, drink or smoke all the fuck you want but, be beaten or do drugs by and with your so-called “brothers?” I’d rather drink with a real BROTHER of La Salle. I have cool and real friends and I guess, we are very satisfied with our life right now. The best years were my college years so, screw those groups who want to hurt you so that you can be, “COOL.” I call my friends cool is because they have fun personalities and they are very transparent. When they say someone’s ugly, someone’s really ugly. Anyway, the only thing cool right now is the room I’m in because of the AC and I’m wearing a tank top. Ugh. #richkidproblems (HAHA not funny because I’m no rich woman).




Get it guys? There is no sense on their so-called “brotherhood”. It’s more of Robin Hood.






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