I Do Like Filipino Movies

Everyone is a Hollywood enthusiast, well so am I. But to tell you the truth, even if I like foreign films, I do watch local films too. I would be a total hypocrite and pa-sosyal if I say I don’t find John Llyod Cruz handsome.

Let’s say you’ve watched almost all of the chick flicks of Star Cinema but mind you, not everything has a good and interesting story. So, I decided to share you my Top 10 at least something sensible for us Filipinos to watch. Yes, I think everything I’ll be mentioning is Star Cinema.

If you haven’t watched the following movies I will comment on, don’t worry. I’m not a spoiler.

And my marks will not be focusing on the film’s review but more on the lesson of the story.


Ranked by lesson. Hahahaha! (Something new, ei?)


10. The Mistress (2012)




The generation today is so complex that even mistresses succumb to wifes’ vulnerability. You may not agree me on this but there is always a reason why husbands look for other women:

 a. Their wives always start simple things that would lead to an argument then boil down to fighting. I am not a wife myself and I have no husband but based from my relatives’ and friends’ experiences, the husband leaves because the wife doesn’t know when to shut up.

b. Their wives forget to fix themselves. C’mon hot mommas! When you start dating, you get all dressed up and your money runs out because of those Mac and Maybelline but it should not stop even after marriage. If you still want to be called a MILF, then so be one! I know you do almost all of the chores and you get tired taking care of the baby but a little ravishing tank top and shorts wouldn’t hold your husband’s hormones. Or just maybe, brush your hair at home (use a conditioner, a fragrant one).

c. Their wives get bored and are no longer interested with their husband’s new likes and dislikes. People change, well mostly men. First they will buy Onitsuka and discuss to you about it but KD or Lebron wears something cool that weekend, they won’t stop telling you about it. It’s also not about the shoes, it’s also about the game. So, if your husband has hobbies that you don’t want to discuss or not interested in discussing, it won’t hurt a nail by just listening to them and to ask questions instead of ignoring them.


9. One More Try (2012)


We always make sacrifices but not all sacrifices refrain from giving us the benefit of the doubt. Some sacrifices are still deprived with selfishness and some sacrifices do not satisfy the results we want to happen. One day, fate will knock on your door and test your relationship with your family, friends and most especially your significant other.

Don’t take advantage of the sacrifices a person does just because it is for you. Fulfill that sacrifice and someday, at least someday, make it a point if not equate the given sacrifice, at least make it a point to be thankful.

8. I Love You Goodbye (2009)


This is always the problem: People keep on demanding love. It is not how love is supposed to be. Love is given without asking anything in return. If you’re going to point out, “But what about a relationship? Isn’t supposed to be give and take? How can it be without asking anything in return?” I can answer that. Well, the give and take issue is within the relationship already. It is excluded from the love form itself. When I say love, it is simply (especially when it is real), unconditional. It is always about the act isn’t? Why does everyone measure the insufficiency of the other party because they can always do it better? Can’t just people have their own personalities and are just naturally, not the ideal partner you wished since you were a teenager? There is always that “He should be OR she should be.” That’s not how love is. Love is all about acceptance. If the person you’re dating right now doesn’t accept your past, doesn’t want your present likes, and does not have a plan for both of you in the future, then listen to me human, that person is not for you.

7. Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (1994)


Yeah, sorry about the photo. This is the only melodramatic photo I could find on Google Images.

Anyway, jealousy can be destructive in may ways. You can be jealous of your friend because your crush likes her. You can be jealous of your boss because you know you are smarter than her and you’re the one who’s supposed to be working on that long desk. You can be jealous of your brother because he gets all the attention. And the ultimate jealousy? You can be jealous of your best friend because she is having an affair with your husband.

Leading it to many disturbing actions, destroying a person’s life because of jealousy is merely pathetic. Your just showing the person you’re jealous of that you are both on the same boat. It makes you the lesser person with the more embarrassment. So cast away all those painful paranoia and show the person you are the best person to be with.

6. Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita (1998)




I thought Rainier Castillo was the guy on the right but then again I thought, the photo was 1998. Hahaha!

Oh yes, it is the movie with the yellow beetle! Anyways, the lesson here is don’t go out with someone who is horny.

I’m just kidding. What I learned from this movie is the cliche, “Be true to yourself.” Which is true! If you are a punk, then so be it. If you are perky and stylish, then so be it. If you are just the ordinary person who is a homebody and just want to watch Reservoir Dogs while drinking beer and eating pizza (oh no, did I mention a foreign film?) What I mean is, and just to watch One More Chance while drinking beer and eating pizza, then so be it. If you didn’t grow up going to parties and you just want to go to parties for the sake of uploading photos on Instagram and making others feel that they’re losers, get the fuck out of social networking sites. Like me, I’m the type who just wants to go to someone’s house and drink. I don’t go to bars (and yes, I have never been to one) just for the sake that everyone could see my photos uploaded and be called a rich kid. Well, I’m not so I’m just living who really I am. What you get is what you see should be everyone’s anthem and not the other way around.

5. Sana Maulit Muli (1995)

5. Sana Maulit Muli (1995)


Isn’t ironic how I typed, “Sana Maulit Muli” twice? Umulit nga talaga. And intentionally not deleted to make this joke.

Never ever follow somebody who left you and went abroad. Hahaha! Nah, fine.

The epic Gerry<3Agnes!!! I just love this movie because it shows puppy love then was embraced to real love. There will always be that person with whom you’d want to spend forever with, with whom you’ve planned a future together but it’s just not the case. You will experience a lot of challenges a long the way (wow, parang essay lang) to test your relationship. First of all, you have the plans of your parents for your future. We have to understand that some of us aren’t babies anymore but it’s inevitable for parents not to want the best for us. Second, you have temptations. I would be a hypocrite telling you to not entertain because other people do that but please, if it’s just for flesh, rule of thumb: do not be emotionally attached. Be considerate of someone who is loving you truly. Lastly, the most peculiar phrase, “The right time.”  I do believe there is the right time but there is no right person. If there was the right time and the right person then everything in this world would be right. But it isn’t. So stop dreaming about that right person in the right time. Just say to yourself, “I will find someone in the right time. He may not be right person yet I will accept all his flaws and we will make the relationship work.”

4. In My Life (2009)


Never underestimate the power of a disparate love. We always look down to the LGBT community but by doing that, shouldn’t we look at ourselves first and ask if we are perfect? It’s like when we discriminate their doings, it’s like we also don’t make the same mistakes. If you really think you are right, then you should know how to address the situation by not bashing them. Instead, keep quiet. Less talk, less mistake.

3. A Love Story (2007)



 I believe that we can always love two people at the same time but you will always love one person greater. I ain’t saying have two relationships all at once. What I’m saying his, by the start of your day (when taking a shower) you will always think of that person who you loved most and who you loved least. By the end of the day (when your electricity is fluctuating and you don’t know what else to do), you will always compare Number 1 and Number 2.

So girls, even if we force guys to stick to one, I’m sorry. We are in a different generation already. We have to accept the fact when boys go itchy, the have go to the bitchy.

But guys, at least save some love for your ladies.


2. In The Name of Love (2011)





Don’t have sex with your dance instructor. Hahahaha

Two main lessons:

 a. Never assume. You never know why it started in the first place. All you have to do is ASK. Ask is a powerful word because people these days just keep on assuming and results has always been that bad. What if the whole time, what that person did was for your own good? Just because you assume too much made that person distant. Just relax and everything will fall into place.

And one more thing, never ever forget this: b. If you want to die a meaningful death, die for someone. It will all be worth it.

1. Magnifico (2003)


 Know your purpose in life. You can either discern, meditate or just go with the flow to find answers. You cannot tell a higher being where you will be after your life. You cannot tell a higher being on how will you die. You cannot tell a higher being what you should have. You are the one in charge of your life. If something wrong happens, it deserved to happen because everything happening in your life right is in your accountability.


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