My Current Favorite H Products

H for Heavenly!

Heavenly goddamn quality over quantity!

Ever since I started working in Sucat, it was more accessible to Human Nature. It’s located in Santana Grove by the way.

The first products I bought there, was of course to nurture my baby’s skin. I highly recommend their products because it has all healthy minerals and is nature-inspired. You can also check their website forore details.


The products last a month so it is very worth it. Alessandra never had any irritation using the baby oil, lotion and wash. Well of course don’t use the baby wash everytime your baby will change diapers.

Another one is taking care of her clothes.


Praise to god Human Nature has everything! From face care, baby care, pet care, and a lot more!


I am definitely a fan of the sunflower oil. It shrugs of your dark spots, even that dark intentions! Hahaha! Well I even convinced my officemates. I finally made their pockets rain.

I also bought the Pink Orchid lip balm :)


Going to my girly side, (which is seldom expressed)

I know you’ve already heard of Happy Skin. It was featured in a lot of talk shows and business episodes on ANC yet I had to experience it first-hand. As someone whose skin is sensitive with a lot of items. Hahaha


Ohh, get their blush as well!

My most accessible location is in Beauty Bar, Alabang Town Center :)

Visit their site for more details :)


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