Partner-in-Crime and Fatherly Friend

All girls have their best boy buds, right? I have best boy buds since I knew how to punch, play Tamia and battle my Pokemon cards (that did not sound well though).

This post is partly farewell and a surprise. I just had and need to since first, I was not able to attend Jerome’s surprise despedida party. Yes, he is moving  to Australia. It is bittersweet since he was my partner-in-crime ever since 7th grade. Well, I was taller than him when we were 13 years old and now, I still have the height of a 13-year-old.

We called ourselves Anjerome because I think it started us having a lot of things in common. I cannot recall but we weren’t expecting during Luigi’s party in 2012, we had the same two phones, (iPhone 4 and Nokia 3120). Mine was just pink and white and his was black and white.

Unfortunately, I cannot retrieve a photo together. I tried going to geocities (because that was the hype of making your own website) and it shut down so, well even Multiply. I swear, those websites destroy memory lane.

So here’s one of our group photos during Robbie’s 2012 birthday. Wait, I don’t remember if it was 2011 or 2012 :|


 Me, Isko and Jerome (yes, the person I was talking about)

Ohh, and here’s another solo of us by Robbie’s artsy-fartsy!


Fine, I’ll show you my version. This was 2007! So please, just please understand why I look so jeje.


And it was the peak of my relationship with Angel so, excuse me for the description. Hahaha. So nene!

I’m gonna miss you Anjerome!


Me, Lauren, Isko and Jerome

Next off is my fatherly friend, Robbie. Why fatherly? Well, during our Junior year, he and Stephanie were my most loved-off school couple (is that how you call it? Or, off-class couple) Whatever. If I just lived in another dimension, I would like Robbie to be my dad and Steph to be my mom. So yeah, well on paper, he is the godfather of my child. Weird Game of Thrones family tree shit. Woops. Anyways, it was his birthday yesterday, (July 7) and I wasn’t able to greet him like, Instagram birthday greeting. I was just able to message him on Facebook. I could not use my phone ’cause I was at work yesterday (I’m actually at work right now but we start at 10am, so I’m just killing time. Well, I’m not an earlybird. I was just assigned to do the New Hire Orientation at 7am. Well, I’m paid so deal with it).

A not-so very late greeting to you Daddeh Robbie! Thanks for always being there for me and thanks for being patient with the money I owe you. I’m not a Lannister. Huhuhu


Yes, Robbie’s camera was used for this photo. Check out the watermark.

Anyway, I love this photo of them. It’s his godchild/grandchild hahaha!

Here is a photo of the two of them, without me. Before Jerome got wasted. Hahaha! This was 2012 at Luigi’s party.


A photo of almost, all of us.

(yeah we call ourselves Justice Friends hahaha)


Luig, Pat, Robs, the friendliest person you’ll ever meet, Dane, Ginets and Isko

Omg, Jerome’s not here. Oh yeah, he was wasted when we took the picture. I guess? Hahaha!

Again, see you soon AnJerome and happy happy birthday Daddeh Robs!!!


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