Gordie, Chris, Teddy and Vern

“I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?”



Everyone’s favorite dialogue in this movie. For once, I have realized where I got the quote from one of my profile photos in Facebook way back 2011. I posted a profile photo with my childhood friends and you know, typical-search-for-a-quote-moment when you just needed to justify a very admirable photo of yours, (making it a little bit more dramatic).

Since I was just waiting for applicants to be interviewed yesterday, (which I only interviewed 4 of ’em), I decided to go to my favorite link which has the title, “IMDB Top 250.” Duh, it will give you the best movies ever. I wanted to watch Shawshank Redemption or Pulp Fiction during my free time… Unfortunately, not all of the movies can be found on YouTube so I was just stuck with the first movie I saw which is, Stand By Me (1986). I wasn’t born yet during that time, of course. My eldest sister was 6 years old and my mom was 34. Anyway, irrelevant.

Before any video I watch on YouTube, I check out the comments. Thank god for few spoilers! I only wanted to know if it was worth watching for. Well guys, it is.


For a 1980s movie, it is. Trust me. While I was watching it, it reminded me about Now and Then (1995); thank god I was born already at least there is justice. Now and Then is like the girl version of this movie. You know, the type of movie which doesn’t have a good plot but the conversations prove there is reality in why they published the film. Hehe.

 Brace yourselves for these aristocratic boys’ before and after photos

Gordie Lachance


who is Wil Wheaton


Chris Chambers


who is River Phoenix (RIP 1970 – 1993)

 This isn’t a spoiler yet he died because of drug overdose during 1993. (Yes, I was 3! Hahaha!)


Teddy Duchamp


who is Corey Feldman


and Vern Tessio


who is Jerry O’Connell


You will be bored but you have to appreciate all of the conversations they had. It will make you miss your childhood and most especially, your childhood friends.

P.S. Denny Lachance (Gordie’s brother) is played by *drum roll*


Mr. Serendipity! =)


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