Patch Intentionally Causing Genie’s Own Death

Not exactly the whole world but Hollywood mourned after the death of one of the most brilliant comedic actors, Robin Williams. I am not going to be like the others to show off that they watched all of his films, or knowledgeable of all the roles he played yet let’s say I’ve watched quite a few, mostly the ones that are remarkable.


For someone who started being a stand-up comedian in San Francisco, he was never too far to reach his success. He got Hollywood’s signature just by being a rookie. Being known as Mork from Mork and Mindy (1978-1982) on which the show didn’t really result as something for an extensive contract on the channel, he resurfaced with his wit and dramatic acting for the following years.

(I also bet that for the next few days, there would be a lot of Robin Williams movies in the cable channels to pay tribute when they should be reminiscing about the actors’ creativity even when he was alive.) hashtagjustsayin’

Man, that’s the thing about Hollywood or any celebrity around the world: Once you step it up a notch to follow your dreams, it seems to be critical staying on the ground and to follow the influence of everyone around the corner. And just like that, in a blink of an eye… It all ends with a belt, closet and a door.



1. severe despondency and dejection, typically felt over a period of time and accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy.

2. the act of lowering something or pressing something down.

“the depression of prices”

Whenever we hear suicide attempts or suicide stories, it saddens us. But do you ever wonder what is sad about killing yourself? We can point out that the content of killing yourself is brutal and awful, but the content of where the person is coming from;  we cannot be saddened by that.

He’s the only one who is saddened and we should not feel the same way. Ending a life given to you, is a choice but making people feel bad because of the selfishness that you did isn’t a pinch of loneliness. Basically, I am not in favor of people who end their life. Take out of context that he is a celebrity, I cannot sugarcoat it. If I am not for suicide, may it be by an ordinary individual or celebrity THEN I am not for suicide.1998robin_1359341369075_361836_ver1.0_640_480

Suicide is just damaging a problem. Suicide is not influenced by the people around you. It is not depicted from one of your lowest of lows in life. It is not something you do just because the world is offering you tons of shit. Suicide is selfishness. Why is it selfish? You’re killing your reputation, chances, opportunities, feelings and even finances.

1. Reputation –  You may have left a mark on the industry or a mark in your loved ones’ hearts but the reputation I am talking about is something you own up to yourself. Imagine amputating your right hand being controlled by the left hand because it doesn’t show any use anymore. There are no other parts left that would support or replace your right hand unless you have it done by the physician, a substitute. But life does not have any substitute. It is a one way thing.

2. Chances – Not the chances of suicidal attempts but the chance to see your granddaughter, the chance to see your favorite comic character be redirected into the world of creativity by the best animators, the chance to get a taste of the new Ben and Jerry’s no-one-thought-would-be-possible-flavor-that-you-ever-dreamed-of-since-you-were-a-kid, the chance of taking chances that might lead you to a better life. Possibly, a better understanding of what life can offer you and what can it make more wonderful for you.

3. Opportunities – The opportunity to make a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire movie, the opportunity to talk to others who are having the same problems with you at the same time helping them and the opportunity that life is giving you enough to live.

4. Feelings – What would everyone feel if you were gone? Imagine everyone mourning when they should be wasting their time smiling and laughing with you so that the world would be a better place. Irrational as it may seem but making a person smile even just for a second would change their shitty day into a YOLO day.

5. Finances – Killing yourself until others would have to pay for the rest of the outcome. Pay for the rest of your debts, pay for the rest of the funeral (unless you left a sponsor on your death note or at least someone would like to sponsor it for you: –which only applies to celebrities so fuck us ordinary people-), pay for the rest of the future of your children, and pay for the rest of your sins that was as of the moment, increased.

 I may have been on the contrary but at the end of the day, it is going to be your choice.

Nevertheless, we’ll miss this Sy Parrish. RIP Father Moinighan (1951-2014)



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