One Direction (this is not about Harry, Zayn or Liam okay)

I came up with this annoying title because ‘One Direction: This Is Us’ was shown this afternoon on HBO. On the other hand and to tell you honestly, it fits what I want to write as of the moment.

When I woke up this morning, I felt revived. This was another bonus feeling after the happiness I felt during the 2nd of September. Revived because I have loosen up. I have made myself at par with my negative emotions which clearly, hasn’t really been present for the past months. Everything was just positive. From my family, friends and a little bit of a special person. Just everything. I realized that time does such a great job in healing your wounds. Time sends people to show your worth. Time gives you challenges for you to accept your worth. And time, gives you fulfillment that you never had before. 

1. Acceptance – I have been waiting for this stage. And with the power of prayer and waiting, it came unexpectedly. One thing I learned is NEVER force yourself to accept the things that happened to you. It will just be worse. Instead, go with the flow and enjoy. And always remember, time heals. :)

2. Happiness – If you have not accepted any given situation, you cannot be happy. I can say I’m at this stage already. I’m happy because I have a family that supports me. I have a beautiful daughter who wipes (sometimes vice versa I wipe her poop) all my negative emotions (like stress and exhaustion from irresponsible applicants lol). I have friends, true friends (when some people say you can only count your true friends) that are many and it has proven do not worry so I don’t believe those bullshit that there are only few of your friends who are true (well, maybe the person who said that has a lot of friends who are not true anyway losing the topic haha). And the security and importance I’m feeling to a person which I never felt from former relationships (cliche yes but women always say this when they meet a certain person, bla bla never felt this way, he is the best bla bla). Well, I have to be honest. This person is way more transparent (comparing is a good thing so that you would realize how stupid I was in choosing certain people to enter my life haha). He is way more responsible (he has the guts to stand up for something he is not responsible for). He has a heart for people who messes up his life. He has the courage to tell me if I’m acting too annoying or if I was lying (or if my pimple will really ruin my beauty). But the good thing about it? No commitment. It’s not that I don’t want to but I want to give all the love for my daughter first before anyone else (is this the moment that I have to use ‘bae?’) It’s always better if you understand each others’ priorities.

So if you want to be (or just date, or hang out) with someone who will make you happy. Just 3 points: Transparency, Responsibility, and YOLO. (You Only Landi Once)

3. No Number 3. I just wanted to number Acceptance and Happiness.




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