A Better September

I have an officemate whose name is Rae. The cool thing about Rae is that her birthday is 9-11. The cooler thing about Rae is she’s Carissa’s close college friend while Carissa is one of my closest friends in high school. The coolest thing about Rae is when I kept on teasing her Rey Langit.

10416776_1511323525778546_1950865430_nPhoto from Google

The coolest of coolest thing about Rae? She and her boyfriend went to the Cinemas during her birthday. Of all the places and of all the dates, and yes OF ALL THE CIRCUMSTANCES, they were in one cinema with the one and only Mr. Rey Langit.

During Rae’s birthday, I was unfortunate to be offsite since she treated lunch in the office. I really made sure I’ll go back to the office for the food: Rae’s text message:

Anje and Nikki, meron pang pizza, chicken and onting charlie chan. If you can drop by.

My answer was: It’s not that I can drop by. It’s… I WILL DROP BY.

Here’s a photo of me and Anne on the way to the Job Caravan.

10699323_1511323645778534_289530259_nWe’re sorry. We were so bored because of the traffic jam. Look at may panga, ugh. Literally Angelica PANGAniban.

 Mean Girls, or what we call ourselves, MGs were finally complete! Thanks to Saturday the 13th! Even though I went to work during that day, I made pretty sure I would leave on the dot because I know when there’s rain and traffic all at once, I might be making a Vanessa Carlton turtle downtown.

This was my first adventure. It’s been a long time since I rode the Sucat FX all the way to Baclaran. I definitely got scared a bit because the changes of the loading and unloading in a year is possible. But before that, I decided to go to Heidi’s house fist before I went to Makati since I logged off at 2pm and the meeting time was 6-7pm, I had to kill time. Unluckily, time killed me. The moment I went down in Baclaran, there were NO buses going to Taft. It had to rain hard until I waited for the right bus. Going down to Vito Cruz gave me a trip to memory lane as well. Crossing the street with students and passing through Jollibee Vito Cruz, ack, made me miss college. Thanks to a really nice tricycle driver, I arrived safely at Heidi’s house… And, finally got to have an alone time with my godson. Wrong. I finally got to bond with my handsome godson, Isaiah.

10706465_1511323112445254_2111479166_nIsn’t he too adorable? 

My second adventure was just basically, looking for everyone until we headed to the restaurant that Criselle and Rachelle reserved for us. We all gathered up in Zara (except Rachelle) then we headed to Mesa.

Ahh yes, finally photos!

10635928_10203435081892380_5428932140530791494_nThat-one-photo-that-the-waiter-always-has-to-take (AND BTW, what was that Korean guy doing in our background?) Maybe he was trying to do this:

2013 - Miracle in Cell No. 7 (Still 1)

A clip from Miracle In Cell No. 7

10698530_10203435066531996_8632178387321360015_nWe headed to Starbucks after

What’s cool about our outfits is that, it all came in pairs! Joanna and Miera were wearing a cardigan. Rachelle and Criselle were wearing a black top. Heidi and I were wearing aztec prints.


One last lonely girl (I meant less), Okay okay. One last photo.


This doesn’t happen all the time so bear with us. Unless you want a bear to eat our heads off.

My third adventure? I’d rather keep the story with me first. It happened after dinner with the MGs. It’s a looooooooooong story. TEEHEE :)

Because with a good performance and regularization with the first-ever company of having the feeling of being valued, I gave myself a treat :D


They did not have ang Giga size so I just decided to buy 2 Jumbos

Something funny to share about our SBP Group in Viber, I kept teasing Aaron and his ex -which is also a friend of mine-, this is what he replies to me:


This retard is the best guy friend, ever.

I’d like to share my current September song <3

This is such a long post! Toodles!


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