Last Errand for September

I’m really not a morning person but ever since I gave birth to my daughter, it made me a shifting person as well. I had a lot of lined-up activities last Sunday and I was not sure if I could complete it in one day.

I woke up at 7AM because I had to rush to the parlor to get my hair cut. It’s a cheap salon that’s why I was frightened with what they might do to my hair. I’d really have to settle for a cheap salon since I’ve been budgeting my finances. Yeah, that’s one of the maturity process you’d have to undergo if you’re a single parent.

I was also planning to have the rest of my body waxed, unfortunately I can’t lie and sacrifice the nerves in me for the sake of waxing. I have my period.

When I arrived at the salon, you know the feeling that you were thrown into a cage match with Undertaker or  Kane? That’s how I felt. Just with how the hairdresser looked, I was having second thoughts to take my seat, but there was no more time. I told her to have it layered, BELOW the shoulder and cut some side bangs. Cut me some slack, I think you know where I’m heading that’s why BELOW was with emphasis. Simultaneously, I was also having my nails done (with footspa).

This is what I look now:


I think the Instagram with filter was better.



After, my mom, older brother and I went to SM Southmall. And yes, I am not your typical OMG I FUCKING LOVE SHOPPING conyo girl. I’m more of a cheap finder and I just go to the mall not for shopping, but for watching a movie and for the grub, of course. Testosterone > estrogen.

I’m not the type of blogger who posts all the expensive restaurants I’ve tried, or the branded clothes, or whatever socialite event I’ve been to. My life is at its best when it is simply lived. I’m true to myself. For e.g., when I ride a fucking jeepney, I’m not ashamed to tweet about it. When I eat in a fast food, I’m not ashamed to Swarmapp about it. It’s just who I am. The more real I am, the better my ego. It’s hard to pretend to be something you’re not. I know I grew up in a conyo lifestyle. What’s important is I’m living within my means.

Whoa, what drama was that? Escalation.

First cheap find: (This is the reality. When you finally have your own child, you’ll always think about her first. Whenever I go to the mall now, it’s not, OMG DUDE LET’S WATCH A MOVIE! It’s more of a OMG THAT OUTFIT IS PERFECT FOR ALLIE! 

Since she doesn’t have any shoes yet (well she had before but it was for her 0-5 months. Those don’t fit her anymore).

  • Shoes were worth P295.00  a pair
  • Headbands were P250.00 a set
  • Headbands shown per piece are jus P99!
  • 1 set of sock costs P250.00 as well
  • If you could spot the baby spoon, we already used the other one. It’s the heat detector spoon. Meaning, when the baby food is hot, the color changes.



Second cheap find: Solemate

I had 4 pairs as well during 2012. I do still remember the day I bought it. What’s my point? It lasted for 2 years already with the amount of P299.75 – BUY ONE, TAKE ONE!

But since it’s like a corporation with an annual increase (hoping I get mine next year – off topic), I bought 4 pairs again but it was already P499.75

I’ve used all of them this week already except for the free spirited gold flat.

soulmateObviously photo was taken with a very low-end Samsung mobile phone

Apologies for the vacuum in the background.

This third one isn’t a cheap find because it’s my gift for Isaiah’s 1st birthday tomorrow. Woopee! I am not going to post a photo of my gift since well, Isaiah’s mom might see. My point here is, Isaiah is registered in the Gift Registry of SM. Before, weddings were more capable of having this registry but now they offer it to baptisms and birthdays. The cool part is, I got 10% with every item I purchased without any promos (buy1take1, discounts, etc.).

It kinda influenced me to decide if I’m also going to do the same for Alessandra’s 1st birthday… And then all of the items that I will be listing down are expensive! MWAHAHAHA!


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