Eleanor & Park

Holding Eleanor’s hands was like holding a butterfly or a heartbeat.


Thanks to my friend Sofie that she lent me one of her 3-row-cabinet books (or maybe more than). And I’m gonna borrow more so she should ready her list, or mine. Ha.

Ever since grade school, I MAY consider myself a bookworm yet when I entered college, I already lost track of the bestseller’s since I was too busy drinking or studying OR studying and drinking. All I ever read during college were empiricals needed for our thesis.

Come a working girl, I also did not have the time reading books until I got pregnant. As a result, I had to get pregnant to be a bookworm again. But I did not buy new books. I just borrowed from my sister’s friend or any books I can find at home for rereading. Talk about no budget.

And then I’ve come across my bookworm friends: Aaron, Sofie and Migz. I may not have the equal taste of books with them but we have one thing in common when it comes to reading: Game of Thrones (yet I haven’t read any of GoT books even if I have the first book at home. Unfortunately, (a book that I borrowed from an ex-boyfriend, apparently, my gift to him… Confusingly, why.)

One day, Migz and I decided to borrow books from Sofie and the first book that Sofie suggested to me is:






So, basically, I know you’re expecting me to do a review. I’m really not good in writing book reviews (because I am more into writing movie reviews, well, I’ll give it a try then).

If you hate spoilers, better not to read this review. (What am I doing this for??? Okay, read it. Hahaha)

See, I even find it hard to start. I think I’ll just make it in bullet form for my Pros and Cons.


  • The setting was for the yuppies of the 80s (good 80s music had a lot of mention that will also influence you to download their songs or just go to Decades in Spotify)
  • Words used did not exceed mushiness that will make adults feel this is for the kids
  • If you’re a teenager, this might be the best love story so far after The Fault In Our Stars
  • If you’re an adult, you’re going to have a lot of flashbacks of your first love (not sure if this is a pro haha)
  • If you like a different story with two person-points, this is good for you
  • It’s a one-day-read
  • The story is realistic and will leave you hanging in a good way


  • Do not read if you just came from a break-up
  • The story went a little bit exciting at first but it seems like the author did not give in so much WHOA I DID NOT EXPECT IT WOULD HAPPEN thrill (which is what I really look for in a story)
  • Seems like the author had to hurry writing the last few chapters of the book
  • The author had to get you swooned for the first few chapters only
  • If you’re a nerd in your school, this book will just make you more of a hopeless romantic
  • Only a perfect read for ages 12-17 to enjoy
  • The whole book could’ve just been handed out into 3 chapters


I’m going to read Attachments next (same author). Shout-out to Sofie the Supplier! Hahaha




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