Aside from September, October is one of the months that mostly my family and friends celebrate their birthdays. And for another year, the numbers have increased because of my office mates.

Last Friday, my boss Mac and one of my co-Associates, Cy treated us for lunch. We never really take photos for such foodums unlike other sites yet, we had to at this point since we were all complete. Not to mention, all girls.

Mac’s birthday was last October 10th and Cy’s is tomorrow, the 20th.


I forgot this pizza’s flavor. I really don’t care that much. I just eat ’em.


Yeah, big pantry of ours. I only took a solo shot on the pizza just because, it’s simply… PIZZA


Complete Sucat-all-boys-Team photo! 

L to R: Nikki, the most beautiful human being, Nancy, Mac, Cy, Rae and Shie

The night after, me, my mom and older brother headed to BF Northwest to have the celebration of: Ate Linda, Ate Rosalie, Tita Belen, Miaks and Kuya Atty Jr.

We are all ages in one barkada. Yes, from 10 – 70 plus year-olds. Amazing isn’t it? :D

It actually started with my mom being mocked. Hahaha



Celebrants: Linda, Atty, Belen, Miaks and Rosalie


“Anje, dapat ganito natin siya kinatay.” – they all told me HAHAHA


The typical pinoy: videoke and drinks




This is Macoy, Mac’s  (one of my closest friends) son


I’m getting thin! Haha. Me, Miaks and Angel (well basically the three of us ended the red velvet crinkles’ lives)


Groupie with low pixels


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