Happy Spookengina!

I’m used in being dressed with different characters every Halloween except during college (and I don’t know why we didn’t have anything to cover that up). My usual Halloween routine ever since grade school was the typical ride or die in Alabang or just hanging out at my friend’s house in the same village.

Last Friday, my employer arranged an event for the certain foundation (usually kids who are undergoing hospitalization; let it be chemotherapy or blood transfusion) and we were instructed to make loot bags and it’s up to us what would be inside that bag.

Everyone pitched in around the amount of 150-250 for the candies. Imagine we had numerous candies just for that amount! Well, my boss bought cheap yet tasty candies! Amazeballs with the budget, by the way. Good thing my boss didn’t entrust me the budgeting. That’s the one thing I’m really not good at, aside from cooking and Physics.

I went to work last Friday morning not wearing the costume, obviously. Who would? Our call time was 6:30AM and I was quite excited BUT at least I arrived quarter to 7AM. Hahaha! Everyone kept asking me what clothes I’ll be bringing and I just kept on responding with ONLY PJs and I will borrow a doll from Cy.

And the result?



Here are the rest of the photos taken by my boss and HR:


 Such a fatass on the farthest left


This was taken by Val, (HR) and she tagged my name on Cy’s face on Facebook. My face was really booked btw

And by the evening, I had plans. I mean, me and some of my high school friends did but didn’t push through due to some reasons. Since, my mom allowed me to have a night out (which doesn’t really happen unless I spend it with people she knows and as long as it’s INSIDE BF), I decided to text blast all of my friends in college or the whatnot, and got answers from another group of high school friends who are always G when I need someone to eat or drink with.


I’ve been wanting to try their cuisine  for months now ever since my former boss recommended this to me (and planned to have dinner together which again, didn’t actually happen). Luig, Robbie and I had the same orders and did some catching up.

The Bamba Burger and the fries are favored! And, we just kept drinking water. (Didn’t take a photo of the food we ate nor the place since we were enjoying the conversation.)

And when I went home, my sister told me that Tina (who is 3 batches lower than her in Woodrose) owned the place and she describe Tina to me, and well yeah, Tina was there that night… Eating… Eating the food she cooked…

Ohh, their bestseller are the aprons! They also sell ’em! Hahaha. I am not kidding, they made a twist wearing those aprons (aside from twisting, if you get what I mean — pun intended.)


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