Dim the Headlights

Never under estimate November. It might be just a month before Christmas but at this early, aside from doing some late Christmas shopping (and yes, it is considered late) there are still people who get the feels of the day itself. I’ve been busy with food and hangouts (which I actually deserve because it has been almost a year without consecutive “extra-curricular” activities.) with majority, high school friends.

Wait, that wasn’t correct information. The first day of celebration was with my officemates to celebrate Shie’s birhtday. And yes, I was informed about her treating lunch but I was offisite so I have to wait ’til there were pizzas left when I arrive at the office.

Shie’s birthday was on November 8 but this happened the day before.

Here’s a photo of them, without me and Nancy. :(


That night, my bestfriend Rach and I decided to have dinner. Unfortunately, some of our friends were busy so we just went with Jemma and Steph. There are no photos for this and I feel bad not taking some since Rach and I rarely see each other. :( anyway, we just decided to hang out at Recovery Bar in BF with Richard, Ariel, etc.

And! The band that was playing that night was Spread The Love. You really have to go see them. The vocalist is very astonishing!

CLICK HERE to see more of their videos :)

Every 8th of November is my so-called brother Luig’s birthday. Yes, always celebrated ever since 2006 (except 2013), with same people WHICH always kept me sane. Imagine doing it for 8 years and it’s still not getting tired of same stories and being with the same people. I guess, that’s how you define real friendship. Anyway, it started out as our Junior class in high school and then Luigi also has his own group of friends in the neighborhood, so we get to hang with them a lot plus his relatives, so I guess everyone is now certified part of each other’s drunken cards.

In terms of the stories for the past 8 years, they were horrible, fun and dramatic. We all had unexpected moments of too much drinking, vomiting on the doorknob/floor/Luig’s bed, going home crawling on the road, and some are better kept… Yes. Better. But as of last Saturday, it became a little more chill because I believe, everyone has grown up. Imagine we were talking about politics and corporate world. Yikes. And still, some funny high school moments.

I also had an excuse not to drink TOO MUCH, just only 3 bottles of beer. I had what they call, ‘The Mommy Card‘ in which of course, I had to go home after and take care of my princess. Some of them have the ‘The Driver Card’, obviously for drivers. Nevertheless, it was something new and something good because I’m the first parent/mother in our group and what I really like in this group of people, (I like all of my groups and they have their distinctions — this is not to compare, just to emphasize) is whatever it is that has happened, yeah like me for instance; got pregnant, they still treated and RESPECTED me just like it was 2006. That’s really why I have fun with them because even though there are only 6 girls in total and the rest are boys, I can still be one of the boys even if I’m a single parent already… But the thing is, since there are more boys in this group of friends, it’s inevitable for them to always talk about the douchebag that left me and my baby, and how pissed and exasperated they are. Anyway, what’s important is we all have fun and try to be more mature about the situation. I know they will always have my back.

There are various versions of the photos. Very lowtech captures.


The birthday boy. Dords and Melvs bought the cake and they intentionally asked for 18 instead of 24.


April put some on his face (this caption was kinda off though)


And more


Me, Aaron, Isko, Robbie, Don, Nori and the birthday boy


I think this photo is better not because Don isn’t here. Hahaha I don’t get Aaron’s pose.


I guess everyone was too drunk to take a decent photo. 

L to R: Top row super back haha: Kooks, Aaron, Pao, Dords, Migs :) (Migs’ name has a smiley because everyone knows why HAHA)

L to R: My row and a litle bit at the back: Melvs<3Carms, Joyce, me, April, Alex, , birthday boy Luig, Ambo, Ambo’s ass, Robbie, Isko, Don, Kev




Say hello to Grumpy!! He’s Luig’s dog and he’s been a witness of our craziness ever since 2006 but he is 11 years old already. Such a QTPIE!

I went home around 5AM. Teehee

P.S. I’ll post two funny videos for the next entry. BWAHAHAHA


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