To All The Friends I Have Loved Before

I just want to share the perfect ingredient for friendship. Let’s not be hypocrites but most of us favor to be friends with people who are more parallel with our lifestyle. Some leave because they meet new friends way cooler than you. Some stay because they meet people cooler than them. I happen to experience such but the funny thing is, I choose the latter. I have cool and jejemon friends, so call me coojemon. Jk.

What I really want to say is, I have cool friends who are parallel with my lifestyle but we don’t have the exact common interests. I have not-so cool friends who are not parallel with my lifestyle but we have exact common interests. Meaning, it’s possible for you too. So why do people have to set such social standards because of what MIGHT people think of them rather than setting such standards for themselves of what they MIGHT be better off with?

Let’s narrow it down.

I have a best friend who every person hates in high school but I chose to stay with her. That same best friend is the person who had a relationship with the person I loved the most. I chose to stay, still.

I have a best friend who studied in a public school from elementary until college. She doesn’t speak conyo, still I chose to stay. She wears shirt and jeans, not out of style nor in style. She has never eaten one restaurant in Fort. I chose to stay, still.

I have a best friend who studied in a private school from prep to college. She speaks conyo, still I chose to stay. She dresses elegantly, has designer bags, basically all the luxury in the world. That same person is the person who shares me her problems almost everyday. Almost same problems with my other best friend who studied in a public school. That same person likes make-up. I hate make-up. I like, make-out. Jk. I chose to stay, still.

I have a friend, not my age, 20 years older, (just do the Algebra), we do have the same lifestyle but because of the age gap, we have different beliefs. He has experienced his own version of the ‘Kid of the 80s’ generation while I’m all here in the 21st century surrounded by momol and hashtags. That same friend is the friend who would always tell my mom the crazy things I’ve been doing with the crazy boys I met. Luckily, behind every ‘sumbong’, I knew I was in the right kind of friendship when all he wanted was to keep me safe. Still, I chose to stay.

To sum it up, that’s the kind of set of friends you should be having in your life. Not only the kind who likes to party, drink, watch concerts, eat at fancy restaurants, child of the owner, etc. The kind of friend whom you can learn a lot from.

Where is this coming from? I have known some friends for years now and it still bugs me on why all of a sudden, they chose not to stay. Is it because I cannot live up to their social standards? Because I don’t speak conyo like them? Because I don’t always Instagram food taken in fancy restaurants or out of town? Or because all that I’ve mentioned is a fact?

Choose you friends wisely. You may be with them for years but then again, always remember that people change because they have standards of their own behind their selfish minds.

All you can do to solve their selfishness is be selfless to friends who don’t set a standard for you. And please, choose to stay.

The best treasure you can have in this world is not money nor education. The best treasures are the learnings and experiences you get from people who treat you like a normal individual behind their abnormality from other peoples’ social standards.friendsh


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