The Chronicles of Life and Death

Finally, a girl!

When I heard the news that my good friend Anne is finally having a daughter. I placed my bet that she’ll be giving birth on the 6th, same birthday as one of our fellow-extended family members but it was a day after. We waited such a long time for a girl since the rest of the kiddos were boys. Finally, some Barbie going on with Meanne and Alessandra :)

4 days after, my Ninang passed away.

I’ve dealt with a lot of deaths in my family before but for a change, this was different. A lot of godmothers just become one by default of forced choice or no choice at all. Mine, it was an accident but everything made its way through. Through confirmation. Hahahaha.

Why is/was she a big factor in my life? As much as I want to go into details, it’s quite a long story (really involving a lot of people). Basically, she really stood up defending my beliefs, always kept me sane, taught me how to eat right and most importantly, LOVING UNCONDITIONALLY. These two words always seemed hard to understand by people or fight a way to rationalize things but she wasn’t a woman of words but of actions. Not that romace kind of unconditional love but in helping other people. Not just sharing her life with others but giving her life so that others may live.

She may forever be gone but she’ll always be kept in our hearts.

Everytime when a baby is born, someone goes back to its home.


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