How To Save A Life

One month, two funerals.

Yeah, what a drastic way to end my April. I delivered a short eulogy for the first funeral I attended but it was not the expected eulogy you would here from me (talk about Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom and The Fault In Our Stars by John Green). As I stood in front of family and friends, (and since it was my first time giving out a eulogy – more like a tribute), obviously preparation was a hindsight. All I could say were the last few words the deceased told me, but not all the memories we really enjoyed and learned from. The second funeral was expected. She was sick for 16 years, went on and off. Call me derisive but I had to disclaim a tweet before her last breath arrived. During the second one, I was not instructed to deliver a eulogy since we were really not that close but somehow, someone did a very memorable eulogy, and please let me translate such experience in a language we would all concur and based from emotions that kept flowing through my mind.

It is true, life is short. It’s even shorter than reel time we expect time would end on our part. We cannot say, “For a while” or “Still busy right here.” We can only do more and speak less. Another annoying thing about death is when people say they love/loved them when they got all the time in the world when the person was still alive. We have to count the days and tell each person that you love them. There is no given time than today to express everything. Yes, a cliche but don’t disregard such cliche and not still affect you.

Still has not sunk in though.

Reminds me one Tuesday during the previous month. I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron with my own 3-meat whopper. Maybe, it was really meant for me to watch it alone. There were only 12 slots vacant and I got the farthest center in the theater (talk about selfishness and lucky day, huh). I had an old man on my right and a couple on the left. What’s furious about me being a first time solo movie-goer is that Mr. Old Man was taking in the movie too much he forgot to drink his coffee that was placed on my cup holder. I did not have any choice but to place mine on the left. A couple arrived and my experience turned into crap. Ms. Girlfriend kept on asking questions, “What is the power of Thor? Who is that?” and so of course, being generous as he was (much more than sexy time), Mr. Boyfriend kept on answering her questions that was really irritating. When I was about to say excuse me and tell them to shut the fuck up, Mr. Old Man told them, “If you guys just want to talk to each other, why don’t you take it outside?” What. A. Savior. What an Avenger. I should’ve added, “Yeah, to the cheap motels you go to, talk it out.”

Oh, did I like the movie? Nah, it was fine. Not too awesome, not too boring. Thanks for the jejecouple for entertaining me.


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