Gratifying Stars

I had three months without my thoughts gathering to write because of consecutive article channels that’s been neighboring social media. How would I write such if feeds have been bombarded by Thought Catalog, Rappler, etc? So I have to think of a catchy or misleading title? I think two words for a title would be enough. I guess, the title does not matter. It’s the message.

Why did the word ‘stars’ even cross my mind? Maybe because lately I kept on watching The Hundred-Foot Journey on Star Movies (not because of STAR in Star Movies; watch the movie so you’ll know haha) or I’ve been seeing Hollywood stars and their affairs, or just maybe, stars are not forming where they should be. Where I want them to be.

Where should stars be? Should they only be seen above in where they are very hard to reach? Should they be singing, dancing, or acting in front of the camera which are very hard to reach? Should they be symbolisms of people who light our nights and guide us? Maybe it depends on the person’s point of view on how would he/she define a certain star, or just by the star itself. And maybe, it’s not a person.

A star can also be a situation. Aside from those two words I just mentioned have the same initials (I needed to insert that joke to make it less serious. Well, did I?), stars are only visible when it’s dark (but please let us not consider the sun as of this moment). Dark situations? You’ve been summoned.

Your first earned star was when you failed a certain subject when everyone else in the room passed.

Your second earned star was when you wanted to join the varsity team but you did not pass the try-outs because a.) You did not fit the team or b.) Well you’re just not really fit — see what I did there?

Your third earned star was when a friend betrayed you. Humanly speaking, you would turn the tables on but guess what, that certain friend did not just betray you but he/she screwed up with your boyfriend/girlfriend. And voila! You just earned your fourth star.

Your fourth earned star is when you got your heart broken. Should I even deliberately explain this star?

Your fifth earned star is the course/degree you’ve been wanting to take for years but too bad, you did not meet the GPA to obtain a slot or your parents just wanted to take the course they wanted themselves.

Your sixth earned star is graduating but getting a job not related to your course. Cheers for the hardwork!

Your seventh earned star is when you got in the company you’ve been dreaming to work for but there were some changes in the management that affected you, your boss, your colleagues and basically your work.

Your eighth earned star is when you were not able to look for another job right away so you just stayed at home, looked at your computer, looked at your phone and looked at the fridge, and sang a Typecast song.

Your ninth earned star is when you had arguments with your parents/siblings.

Your tenth earned star was when you got drunk/took drugs/gambled/smoked pot/(or leave this blank for other vices I’m not knowledgeable of) because of all these earned stars were eating you already.

Now, let’s try and make them good stars. Gratifying ones. The ones which are hard to reach but easy to look at because they’re bright and clearly seen because of the dark. So, be pleased with that darkness.

Your first gratifying star is even when you failed a certain subject, you gained a relationship with your classmate/teacher/professor because you needed a tutor.

Your second gratifying star is even when you did not pass the try-outs for the varsity team, you were able to share a little bit of your skill and ability in front of many people, which built your confidence.

Your third gratifying star is even when your friend betrayed you, you gained bravery and trust for yourself; that when you meet the same kind of person years from now, there is nothing left to fear anymore.

Your fourth gratifying star is even when you got your heart broken, you realized (Walang Forever pero chos lang yun.) that having your heart broken was an opportunity to make a person happy despite his/her flaws. You gained selflessness, well-defined as love.

Your fifth gratifying star is even when your GPA did not pass for that specific course/degree, it was a door for taking another course in another school and having great memories – which mattered aside from your grades.

Your sixth gratifying star is even when you did not get a job related to your course, you are still being paid well and you have money to survive. I guess, the only not gratifying part with this one is paying taxes – meaning paying for Binay’s electric bills, luxuries etc.

Your seventh gratifying star is even when there was a change in management, quite a big impact with the whole team and your work yet the impact was a promotion, not bad *pat on the back* unless co-workers *stab in the back*

Your eighth gratifying star is even when you were a bum, you gained skills like doing the laundry, washing the dishes, overcooking some noodles and emptying your fridge – hey, eating is gratifying. Better agree with me on this one.

Your ninth gratifying star is even when you fought or argued with your parents/siblings every day, you still come home to them… To fight and argue again. Hehe. Just kidding.

Your tenth gratifying star is even when you got addicted to such vices, you would always run to the one and only vice we should get addicted to: talking to God.


Just sharing an earned star: It was getting pregnant and now being a single mom. My gratifying star is even when I had to be a dad+mom all at the same time, love was reciprocated by family, friends and especially my daughter all at the same time.

I want to hear your earned and gratifying stars so we can send a message and inspire anyone who is currently empty and lost. Haha ang charotera ko, may pa-please participate pa ako.


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