Hands Down

Under a beautiful single of Dashboard Confessional, whenever I hear this song it seems to condone me to refresh how relaxed and steadily happy I was during this trip.

This trip was special (obviously since it has its own entry but because, this was my first ever beach vacation after giving birth so this was so upstanding).

Recalling the plan of the trip from thinking of the available dates, available people and available place, it turned out to be very impressive. 2 months of planning? Not bad at all.

Baler was the right place since none of us has ever been there. I think it’s good traveling to a place with people which have the same “first time” vibe so everyone would enjoy, and I was very lucky I was with not very spoiling people. Hehehe

In the South, the main meet up place is called Mt. Mcdo found in Town maybe because that’s where I had my preschool until high school years so whenever we planned before we would just use that mountain. Haha. But for college, Mcdo has also been a meet up place especially the one in Taft so, yes, that’s where we met. Well, originally I headed to Tere’s place to wait for her (she came from Bacolod) since it’s her car that we will be using. Catched a few drinks with her mom and family, waited for Rap then headed straight to Mcdo Taft.

I think this trip signified everything – from the place, people and time. The first few plans were using two cars but then it ended to be only one. Part of it was we were supposed to be 15 but some had to back out with other appointments so we ended up being 9. An odd number I had to deal with. Gosh, these odd numbers make me feel so much better (sarcasm).

The couples: Tere and Jaco, Heidi and Rap, Miera and Froi

The odds ever in your FLAVOR: me, Aaron (both single), while Jonas (technically single during that time I guess just to enjoy the weekend).

The place: Surfer Girls’ Lodge

We were hungry.

Typical breakfast we ordered: tapsilog, longsilog, bangusilog

We needed to surf. That’s why we were in Baler right? But before anything else, we HAD to take photos with Aaron’s GoPro (had to emphasize haha for the photos to be excused)


I was not born to surf. Rap, Froi and Jonas were only the ones who nailed it by far. So the rest of us just kept swimming like Dory.

Before we headed to the famous falls (damn, I forgot the name haha) we went grocery shopping in the palengke (was that even possible? Did I just say grocery and palengke all at the same time?) for our dinner.

Our hiking on the way to the falls was kinda FINE. We almost did not reach the cut off of 4PM. Yes, if you’re planning to go to the falls, go the earliest. First, it’s a rough trip. Second, there are a lot of people. Lastly, better to bring a pick-up.

Because we parked the car and rode a tricycle on the way up.

You would really work on your way up for the rest because you can’t bring a damn car, tricycle or pick-up on that kind of walkway.


Threesome for the day since the rest were couples haha

More underwater photos: (it was hell if Aaron did not bring his GoPro)

Medyo sabog kami mga te

On our way down down in an earlier round:



We went to this buffet (also forgot the name of the restaurant) but it was just for P200!

Tip: You would really spend less if you cooked your own food guys (thanks to our chefs Tere, Rap and Jaco)






The best part of waking up is taking a bath and drinking beer again.

Hahaha tang ina


And the best-est part was just drinking the beer by the shore.

Then, we headed out to look for brunch.

Before the brunch, capturing.








We had our meal at (damn I forgot the name of the restaurant again!) Liempo was so damn fine!



Tips for those who are really not good in planning and who would like random stuff to come around:

  • I’m that kind of person but always remember, even if you’re Mr. or Ms. Spectacular now, you have to first: Save money and file your leave on the day of your trip.
  • Bring basics: Toiletries, enough clothes, enough beer and enough strength

Tips for planning a trip to Baler:

  • Don’t use  a travel and tour package especially if you only have 2 days. We initially planned on getting a tour package but we thought that we would just like to do things that we feel like doing – which was worth it
  • Bring your own car – you can go anywhere you want at least if you chip in for the gas, it’s cheaper
  • Buy and just cook food
  • You can just eat breakfast on the side with pancit canton, fried rice, coffee etc
  • You can just rent a cheap place because sleep and loo is all that you’ll be doing there – cuddle sold separately
  • Beers are cheap when you buy ’em bulk in the palengke
  • Don’t buy in the sari-sari stores
  • Know the schedule of the falls’ cut off hahaha
  • Buy water before going to the falls
  • Just wear shorts when going to the falls. Your pants will be torn unless you won’t ride the tricycle
  • Trying to surf can be fine but be sure to spend more quality time with your surf board. It’s P200/hr
  • If you want to spend only P3,500 – follow the tips above

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