You Can Buy All The Make-Up That Mac Can Make

But not in my case. I have always hated make-up since I was grade school. Maybe because I’m fine with how I look (not bragging okay) it’s just that maybe I was more surrounded with guy friends since I was a kid that I thought these blushes and powders really don’t matter.

Until I started working. At least a shout-out to my first boss who taught me how to fix myself. Putting eyeliner was all of my Dante Inferno! I had to do ninja movies when I was riding the train going to work (because I was late and was putting eyeliner). Those days made me really feel like a girl.

I really don’t buy make-up nowadays, but when I do, I make sure they are of good quality – just the typical BBCream of Pond’s, blush and powder of Maybelline, lip balm of Human Nature. That suits my workface.

And the good thing about it is I don’t buy it! Bwahaha! I get for free because of my sister. Thank you, thank you.

I received a set of free make-up from a friend who’s living in New Jersey – well, my mom uses it. Sorry friend! I’ll just use it if I have any ball to attend to. Hehehe

But when it comes to lipsticks, I felt at ease with this brand because as all of you know, Japanese made quality is majestic!

I got for the Summer Collection from Happy Skin:


What they have now: (what I also got for free haha)



If you wanna have free make-up, don’t show anyone that you’re THAT interested with it because, they will show that kind of generosity and they have that assurance you’re not going to use it – or you will give it back to them after a few months. Hahaha!

Check out their site: Click Here

Photos from Happy Skin website


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