1 year and 8 months

Obviously that’s how young my baby is. Obviously that’s the span of how long I’ve been being a young and single mom.

Though admittedly, I am not still well-equipped since I’m still learning. You know about that everyday you learn yadda yadda process that you always hear from these cliche individuals? Yes. Not enough equipment I have to consume the ultimate responsibility I have but enough love, is enough.

Every day I would go home and just go straight to mommy duties.

For her 30th month (haha had to say this to irritate the readers and let them do the math), I bought her this:


Of course I am kidding.

I could never afford to buy this status-symbol-rusty-plastic-looking-girly-playhouse. HAHAHA. This was my playhouse when I was 2 years old. Need proof? Please see below a photo with my dad of this good ol’ toy and just to compare how exactly I looked like her.


Too vain? Well check the rest of….


She thought it was unsatisfying…


She was like: I’m vain too! And I got it from you!


With more discoveries, exploring her crib was not the best decision. I think I need to call our health inspector.


I don’t think my playhouse was messy as this one but I was not informed that beauty brochures were part of a toddler’s educational program.


I think there is a lot of cleaning to do in her kitchen since it’s like my older brother living here. No offense, boys.


The only thing that was neatly captured was her basket. This was a gift from Nancy. Thank god to Leap Frog for their adorable and fun interactive toys!

Concurrently, I was freaked out when I remembered a CD-ROM that my dad gave me for my 6th birthday that has my daughter’s nickname on it. It took a while for me to realize its coolness.


Sheesh! I remember how fulfilling it was to just stuff the CPU with CDs and just enjoy playing without knowing anything about the web. It was 1996 – wasn’t really fully unfolded.

Not only did I surveyed her house but I also try to recall all of her hobbies and interests that could possibly be seen in her Kidzania resume (I really want to bring her there!)

Favorite characters: Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Minions, Jollibee, Ronald McDonald, Dr. McStuffins, Sofia the First, Barbie, KEN (all caps since she really has a big crush on him), Violet (stuffed toy given by Sofie)

Favorite commercials: Any commercial with a baby in it, shampoo commercials, anything with food

She loves dancing to the songs: Uptown Funk, Bad Blood, Style, Blank Space, any Ariana Grande song, Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae), The Wheels on The Bus, Ring Around the Rosey,  Little Sunny Water

More of her personality? When she’s dancing/singing or doing anything to impress someone and someone claps, she wants everyone in the room to clap! Also, She knows the number of pillows which should be beside her. She knows where we hide the phones. She knows how to use YouTube (I swear to god); she knows how to zoom, minimize, scroll, refresh, pause, etc. She easily gets irritated (no wonder she’s a Capricorn). She does not like me making her milk or even putting her to sleep – this I have to do something about since she’s very meticulous at times. She’s also very detail-oriented! She’s good with colors and shapes. When she grows up, she would be more skilled knowing the color of the money and the shape of my wallet. Hehehe

One thing I’m so proud of is the positivity and blessings being given to her. Ever since I gave birth, she never got an awful sickness – yes, she’s very healthy and voracious! Hahaha. She gets to learn things very easily. She’s not hard to talk to when you tell her to stay away from a certain place because of the mosquitoes or don’t go up the bed without mommy’s help.

But yes, still minimizing the usage of gadgets because of her eyes.

More to come.

Happy 20th month, my bubbawubbahubba adorable greatest blessing! :) can’t wait to have more Jollispaghettis and dancing with you!


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