Traffic. Just terrible traffic. It’s been bombarding my Facebook/Twitter/Wordpress feed for days. It’s been bomarding the streets of Manila as well.

Kindly play the link below while reading my post:

It helps.

When I heard the news about the INC hostage a month ago, I was saddened. Not that I was saddened for the victims, but I was saddened because of the shit that has gone again in the streets of my country and just soundlessly told myself: This is another political propaganda.

I was right. Next thing you know, certain “alleged” presidential candidates were their knight in shining armors.

The separation of the Church and State is apeshit. First, I’m saying this because I don’t believe in religion. Second, I don’t believe in the government. So what happens when two kinds of bullshit are combined together? APESHIT. I’ll tell you why.

Religion is made by man. It’s not even the Bible or any religious book there is which is also made by man. Yes, if you’re going to ask me what is my religion, I’ll tell you that I’m a Roman Catholic – by paper. By heart, I am no Catholic. I would consider myself daughter of the Lord which we really are. It’s more of a generalization of people can be Catholics but they really don’t practice what they preach. So I just chose the higher ground of not being a Catholic (by belief) but practicing what is preached. Belief/faith + doing = Jon Snow

Which reminds me of a professor in college:

“Religion burns bridges, faith builds it.”

That’s why I love listening to Faith Evans’ songs because it’s well built. *badumm tss*


But I still respect their views and opinions… Yet, for them to show their freedom this way? How does one religion show their good act by having other people suffer because of the traffic they caused AND/OR by blaming people who has said negative commentaries?

Government is developed by man. Everyone has the right to vote, or not. Government is to govern. I think governing isn’t synonymous to stealing – that’s what the dictionary says. Not saying everyone in the government is radically fraud. There are still some half-honest people who still believe in serving without any other bad intentions. But everyone has their good and bad side, but sometimes they abuse the bad side.

Why can’t just people learn to accept the fact that the Church and the State has always been one because of their adverse objectives to make Eddie Guerreros?

feu de joie: Writing this won’t even influence or make change. I have been summoned with the idea that this issue is a never-ending cycle. As long as we have big ass fake hearted motherfuckers running our country and religious leaders wanting to help run our country; as long as they acquire a big ass amount of money from the everyday efforts we put into to survive everyday or to help our families; as long as we continue to be slaves of our own authority; as long as the world isn’t in that better place where we want it to be, nothing’s gonna change… my love for you. You ought to know by now how much I love you? ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬


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