Toys in the Attic

I hate my 17-year-old self. I mean, who doesn’t? For the numerous idle times I had in a day, I thought why not look back to the strangest posts I’ve made. Strangest because, it feels weird reading your old blog with some twitchy comments, more of immature comments about love, school and friendship.

There are 10 + 2 things I find very conventional when blogging as my 17-year-old self. Very gruesome of me. Haha

  1. Dialogue


2. Poet-poetan

Sorry ah, pero medyo diring-diri ako sa sarili ko. Napaka-emo

3. Lyrics of a song


4. Colorful entries and copious ‘lols’

Plus highlight effect? Grr
Plus highlight effect? Grr

5. Answering surveys

Nakakatawa yung katext ko nun. Jeje?
Nakakatawa yung katext ko nun. Jeje? Fuck. I just mentioned her name in the survey as well. Hahaha.

6. Quotes/shoutouts from famous people to start of an entry plus disclaimers of puppy love

Nakakadiri talaga hahaha

7. Long posts just to describe a not-so-significant day

Tagalog haha
Tagalog pa haha

8. Realizing you did not get your shit together


9. Those weird random titles



10. You still had a link for your Multiply


11. The worst location/mood/music setting


12. Bountiful unrealistic and unreasonable tags


Did you have these types of writing too? :)

feu de joie: The good thing about having old blogs is you get to be nostalgic with the fun memories you had, or just basically waste time reading when you’re bored.


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