Young Volcanoes

Do you have your own support group?

I have. But it’s not because I have anxiety/depression disorder or drug addiction (maybe alcohol sometimes but, c’mon beer is life. Justkidding). I have the freedom to call them my support group because they’ve been through hell with me and helped me go through not that simple but normal fucked up issues we encounter everyday.

It started during the 2nd week of August in the year when J.Lo was rocking her phenomenal #1 spot with Ja Rule. WHAT’SMYMOTHAFUCKINGNAME?! ♬

I was skeptically getting ready. My mom told me that we had to go to this spiritual healer. She got the address a month before that said skeptic date my mom has planned. The month after, her close friend gave that same address to her. Both. Ms. Sister-In-Law and Ms. Close Friend do not know each other so I was guessing the whole time, it was fate.

I really didn’t believe in spiritual healers. I mean duh, if you’re in the Philippines you’d be always active and full of hope going to these said powerful people to ease your problems. My mom just pushed me since Mr. Spiritual Healer ‘might help’ us with our sickness and problems (won’t get too intricate telling about the sickness and problems – maybe for another entry but this story… Okay, we’ll get to the point).

Days passed by and my parents were very active volunteering in this foundation. We call it a foundation because it’s not a religion-based organization and yes, non-profit. It was more of, if you wanna join, go ahead – leave if you don’t. It’s really free – you don’t have to pay for anything to be a member. That’s why it’s called volunteering. Ooh, some bitchy and stupid explanation.

Since I was only 12 years old back then, the foundation really didn’t have kids as members. So all of the children of the members just hung out in the house.

The first person (kid) I met was Angel. He was 9 years old back then. I saw him playing Tekken 3 in their living room. So being the queen of boredom, I started making conversations with him and voila! A newly found friendship. The next person I met was Rap. He and Angel were the first kids in the foundation so they were more intact and of course, they’re boys. Who am I to start competing right? Rap was more light because Angel has times that he’s very serious. He’s like an alpha, to be exact. Rap was the funny and relaxed among the three of us.

Rap and Angel (2005)

After a year, they made kids in the foundation a legit member. So we started attending so-called ‘meetings’. Since they made it legit, they opened it for others who are interested to join. Parang audition lang ng PBB ang peg – pero dito, talagang walang doktor-doktoran. Kasi diba sa PBB mga kilala na. Nagpapa-audition pero hindi naman talaga kinukuha – daming rants sa PBB lol. 

So Red, Mac, Anjo, Jam and Taw joined.

My 18th birthday (2008)

I consider Red as one of the real people I’ve ever met. I would never forget our first conversation (more of her first impression). My phone back then was Nokia 2100 and instead of holding the phone like a normal kid would, I held and texted horizontally. Yabang diba? That’s why she really didn’t like me at first. And before you know it, we have a lot of similarities! Mac, on the other hand was her friend since high school. His personality is somewhat aloof but he knows when to drive in the comedic face. Anjo was the friendliest though he has temper at times but quite understandable since certain experiences from his past made him like that (but it’s his choice to change. Woops, some mother here). Jam was kinda the introvert in our group before and I would say, it really took years for us to make her move her hips. Lastly, Taw was the lethargic one ’cause she kept on getting sick yet her house was sort of our tambayan everytime we needed free food and entertainment. Of course, you wanna be friends with someone who’s rich right? BWAHAHA.

Hillspa, Laguna (2011)

My point is, we come from all walks of life. Not that rich, not that poor. Not the same school, not the same community. Not the ideal group of friends you would really want as a kid which you can just knock on their door and ask them to hang out – we live that distant in which sometimes we only get to be complete for once a year, or sometimes not even.

We always want friends who would stay with us through thick and thin – thick like me, thin like you. We sometimes want people in our lives to be at the same momentum, lifestyle and belief. Yet, it isn’t always the case.

Halloween Activity (October 2011)

Friends come and go. But if you have set of friends who walk to your house while it’s raining and buy you tapsilog because it’s your favorite. But if you have set of friends who always surprise you on your birthday. But if you have friends who is loved by your family and vice versa. But if you have friends who love others unconditionally…

For me it’s not a matter of coming and going. It’s always a matter of staying. They come and go in and out of my life because we have matured –  our own goals, families and preferences. They come and go not because they don’t want to be in my life, they come and go because of priorities. I really don’t consider ‘come and go’ as something negative. It’s just a fact that we all have to deal with. Considering na matampuhin pa akong tao. Haha

We’ve built dreams for the unfortunate. We’ve built houses for  the unprotected.  We’ve built schools for the untaught. We’ve helped built each others’ wisdom.

House building and gift giving (December 2010; Baras, Rizal)

I hope that you have friends like mine.

I hope you build a friendship where social media, expensive restaurants and lavish lifestyle does not matter.

Ito ba squad goals niyo?


Sorry, pero ito ang akin:

Actually, dumadami parin kami. Hihi
AVFI Foundation Activities (April 2015)
We celebrated our 11th anniversary last May 28, 2015

In order of having kids:

Rap has one 2-year-old boy (just turned to last Sept 27) – his girlfriend is also a bestfriend of mine during college. I have a daughter. Mac has one, a boy who will turn 2 on January. Jam has three girls. Anjo and his partner just gave birth last week to a healthy chinito boy.


3 thoughts on “Young Volcanoes

  1. Na tats ako dun sa pupunta ng bahay mo when it’s raining at dadalhan ka ng tapsilog coz it’s your fave. :D — Oo. As in grabe. Hahahaha nakakatuwa talaga. Kapag namimiss ko sila, yung mga happy memories nalang iniisip ko. Thanks, Mel!

    Si Santa, kahit hindi naka-costume, lagi nakasimangot yan!!! Hahaha


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