Writing in English to let the not-so-Tagalog-speaking people understand what I want the whole world to discover. Chos.

I don’t know why listening to The Beatles makes me write so smoothly (-but the title is Incubus (haha)- and that’s why Beatles is my blog theme because their music really makes my thoughts progressive).

Okay, enough of those side comments. What you just read is really not significant with what you’re about to read.


Damn this topic. Circling around Manila for the past months because of the upcoming 2016 Presidential Elections. And damn this entry, I should ready myself for a possible assassination. Hehe.

I haven’t written much when it comes to politics but I think this would be the first time I’m going to let my dragon out. Hence, let the Targaryen blood run through my soul right now.

Back in the 4th grade, it was impossible for me to be an activist at that age but I was very interested in politics. That was the time when Mr. Estrada was in trial. So being the 10-year-old I hope everyone was not (haha), I was very interested. I kept on listening and watching the Senate hearings. I even played with my imaginary friend (he was Mr. Estrada and I was Ms. Clarissa Ocampo).

My 10-year-old self with my parents and aunt during the Second EDSA Revolution (2001)

When I was in high school, I was still interested with politics and history. Not to bluster but I got very high grades with Political Science and Filipino History – until college. Maybe I was exposed to the fact that politics in my country seemed appealing because of all these extortion and other adverse issues.

Come 2010, 10 years after I attended the Second EDSA Revolution, I was entitled to suffrage. Why would I waste such anticipation of my 10-year-old self, right? I even made a blog about how convincing my prospected candidate was.

So let’s skip all the hullabaloo that happened from 2010-half of 2015. I think it’s best if I move forward on why am I writing this (hahaha).

Will I vote? Yes. Why wouldn’t I?

Why is voting such a big enchilada? (mm, yummy!) There’s this, “If you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to complain” and there’s this, “I don’t want to vote anymore because I tried voting before and I think, I have the right to complain now.

Voting is a right just like your right to speak, listen and act in your lifetime (which only happens once), so why waste it? You can respond with, “That’s why it’s a right. It’s my decision to do it or not.” But it’s also a decision of ignorance. Ignorance to the least short-sighted, ignorance to the uneducated, ignorance to the inspirited, ignorance to people who are hungry for change; basically, ignorance to the future. That single count of your hand shading that awkward oval will always make a difference, win or lose. So what if your chosen candidate does not win? But what if he does? Would there be an allotted time for your mindfucking repentance? Would that mean it’s already a possible downfall for this country? I think a basis of one count of shading does not influence the imminent actions of a certain official. There could be a lot of difficulties that he can encounter on the next few minutes, so there would still be sporadic innovation one way or another.

You lack hope, people.  Quit fucking around and do your job. Oh sorry, it’s not a job. So just exercise your fucking right to vote. I had to say fuck for emphasis and angst. Char.

Who will I vote?

I actually really don’t have anyone in mind yet – but just to be parallel with my state of If I was the President of the Philippines, I would bla bla, I think it’s very close to what I’m seeing from Duterte ng hapon, ShakeyourBongBong and PingmeLacson.

Why Duterte for President? I want someone who is very firm, disclipined and iron-fisted. Wake up Filipinos, he is the president we’ve all been waiting for. If you want to stick with people who just lets you go to jail and be sorry for your sins (and yes we fucking pay for criminals’ food and shelter – both prisoners and politicians – some), I’m sorry but resorting to other candidates just makes the wheels go round, at all probable cause. I don’t like giving second chances to fellowmen especially when they steal from someone, rape someone, are corrupted or kill someone who is very innocent. Do you like them seated calmly in sheltered prisons or would you rather teach them a lesson? Do you think if they were disciplined, or if they were given a tooth-for-a-tooth sort of punishment, would they do it again? Always think about the consequences of the type of discipline your candidate wants to execute.


So yeah, I’m really for death row punishments.

As for Mr. Marcos and Mr. Lacson, my research is still ongoing. Actually, as well for Mr. Duterte.

Every official MIGHT be corrupt so we should always result to the LEAST CORRUPT.

Again, my views and expectations may still change since you and I still have 7 months to keep our decisions running.

The fact that Mrs. Santiago may also run for president (thanks Shie for adding this info), I’m telling you that the votes will really be rambling. If 75% of the votes as of 2010 is covered by the youth, what more for next year? The youth is eyeing for Poe, Duterte and if ever, Santiago.

***this is not a paid advertisement


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