Candy Cane on Halloween

I do not have an active third-eye. Just to be clear. An active one.

I have work every other Saturday. Since it’s a shifting schedule, we are only 3 recruiters every Saturday.

When I got in the office, I asked our security where’s Arjoy (my colleague), the security responded with, “Nag-CR ata ma’am” -(She went to the restroom, ma’am)-. So I just continued checking my emails and checking other updates from the new hires. After 10 minutes, I saw Arjoy in the front desk and asked her, “Wala pang applicants?” -(Are there no applicants yet?)- she responded with, “Wala pa ate.” – (There’s none yet)-.

After 10 minutes again, I went to our vending machine and did my daily coffee grind. Usually, whenever I get coffee, I always look at the front desk or lobby to check if there are applicants already. I saw one. She was sitting and waiting for her application to be encoded in our system. As of what I have observed, she was also watching television (like what normal applicants do when waiting for their application). She was wearing a striped polo shirt colored with red and white, also normal jeans. She looks between the age range of 40-50. She has highlights (ash blonde I would say) and more of horizontally challenged, but not that much – our chair did not break so yeah, not that much.

Sensing that I think Arjoy was already done interviewing her, I went to the front desk and asked Arjoy if the applicant passed or not. She told me, “Huh? There was no applicant. Since you arrived, there was no applicant who came in.”

So I tried to kid her in a way that maybe she and the security were just fooling around.

I shit you not, her appearance was so vivid. She was really like a real person. Because if it was only my peripheral, why would I see her that crystal?

Sad thing is, there’s no CCTV in our office.

Cool noh?

Source: Google
Source: Google

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