Right On Cue

What a lovely weekend.

My good college friends planned on visiting me which was supposed to be a playtime for Alessandra and Isaiah (Heidi’s handsome son) but it was raining so it ended up other “kids” playing her toys.

I was not able to take photos during their playtime since it was just quick (Alessandra is really quite the shy type when she sees you for the first time, in Tagalog, suplada talaga siya. Hahaha)

So we just hung out in our dining area and that’s where we started… Taking pictures and eating. Oh, eating – the best part!

Inna (Aaron's girlfriend), Yours Truly, Miera, Heidi and Criselle
Inna (Aaron’s girlfriend), Yours Truly, Miera, Heidi and Criselle

Hiyang-hiya naman ako na ako lang ang naka pang-alis diba? Haha. Eh bakit ba, bahay ko eh. Chill lang dapat ang suot. Oy, pero may underwear naman akong suot! Haha.

Wacky shot pero yung nasa kanan di naman nag-wacky. Arte te? Haha
Wacky shot pero yung nasa kanan di naman nag-wacky. Arte te? Haha
Inna <3 Aaron
Another sweet shot!
Another sweet shot! (Medj ang akward ng reflection ko sa mirror)

Inna thought of a very good idea for our dessert! Until now, I am still amazed, medyo mababaw but still, I’m so amazed!

We were pressuring Criselle to buy pizza and ice cream but sadly, it ended up being ice cream, nice cream! Inna suggested to buy Monde waffles and Nips! Heidi suggested Toffee Nut Crunch for the ice cream’s flavor (even my sentences were full of excitement haha it was soooo delissshh *Barbie accent*).

And voila! I really enjoyed it! No photos,  I’m sorry. I know you’re already drooling.

Before we ended, Miera started telling Inna ghost stories and our unforgettable creepy college experience one time in a classroom. Want to hear?

I’m not very sure with the details of the story. I will just summarize it, nakakatamad alamin pa yung full details dahil ako mismo, natatakot na ako ngayon.

You know our bathroom is the only solitary room that we can have time for ourselves, kaya nga solitary eh. Haha. This little girl was brushing her teeth and when she stopped, a girl behind was mocking her and saying, “Hail Mary full of grace…”

So when we were in the classroom 7 years ago, we ran and got stuck slamming our faces on the door. Imagine the Titanic scene where Rose and Jack were making love? It wasn’t really the exact hands but our awesome lips. We got really scared that no one ever thought about turning the doorknob.

I know I didn’t scare the shit out of you but if you would just examine our house, everything is filled with mirrors! I don’t like them! Especially at night, when you walk through our living room, seems like when you look in the mirror… Someone’s walking with you.

Ang lame ng kwento ko noh? Hahaha. Hindi ba kayo natakot?

Well, I’m just thankful that they visited me because they are my happy pills!


At around 11PM, me, Alessandra and my mom headed to our family friends’ and celebrated for the Octoberians. (It’s traditional. You may click here for last year’s Octoberian celebrationif you would notice, it’s not the same lechon as below hehe).

The only photo I had, and (which I actually stole from Angel) is this:

Source: *Instagram: @angelovivs

And how could I not sing Stupid Love for the videoke, right?


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